I Really Screwed Up

I really screwed up and before you all get mad at me, please accept my apologies. I just did the unthinkable, and something I have been angry at others for doing – I mass invited my entire Gmail address book to Facebook. Great, if you want to join and mark me as a friend, then my fragile ego will be happy. However, if I just spammed your inbox with an invite, please do accept my apologies.

At least I know I’m in good company. Jay Allen did this with Stumble Upon and caught a lot of heat himself.

4 Replies to “I Really Screwed Up”

  1. no where you really screwed up was blather about your pride in yourself and your pride in mat and all that caca

    no, dudelette, that is not it either. it was when you provided a wp – wp export import path sin embargos and not only adequeately explained where what goes when but you said nothing about how many quarts of oil – so i lfigure the entire xmlmigrate.php / wordpress.php thing was just a tour d’farce a magnum dopus.

    so………………..that’s my comment leaving, rave on

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