Three Years of Blogging

Today is my three year blogging birthday. It’s been a wild ride. Who would have thought that when I started this blog as a subdomain of another website, using Textpattern, on a slow afternoon at work when I was trying to find something to do, that it would have evolved into the force that you make it everyday by reading.

It’s been a wild ride. Who would have thought that a blog that was intended to document Navy basic training would turn into the subject matter blog that is well regarded in the WordPress space?

It’s been a wile ride. Who would have thought that mindless musings with no coherent direction would turn into the blog of the Director of Technology for one of the largest niche blog networks in the world?

It’s been a wild ride. For the record, I’ve post 1651 posts, you’ve commented 6446 times, there are over 600 of you who have subscribed and read this blog through a feed reader. I’ve approached 100k visitors every month, but I have yet to break that mark. We’ll try to reach that in the next year. :)

Over the past few days, I’ve republished several previously published articles for your reading enjoyment. I’ve felt that was an appropriate marker of this blog’s journey. So, thank you, thank you, thank you for reading and subscribing. Please continue to do so. Add articles I write to Make it a Technorati favorite. Link to stories I write. Help continue to make this blog a notable source.

Happy birthday,!

13 Replies to “Three Years of Blogging”

  1. @Darren: I think I’m going to retire from blogging tomorrow.

    @Ingoal: Dude, where did you disappear to? :)

    @Carol: It’s been awhile since I first introduced myself on your blog and blasted your political blatherings, eh? :)

  2. In the blogosphere three years is a long time if you ask me. Blogs come and go, but there is nothing like a blog that has “matured” and if someone keeps the same blog for 3 years it shows that he or she is passionate about its subject!


  3. Blatherings? Hmpf.

    Yes, it’s been a while — I’m so glad you introduced yourself. You’ve been a terrific friend over these past few years!

  4. Congrats Aaron,

    And to think had my wife and I had our daughter when I started reading this blog, she’d have a blog of her own by now :(

    Well that just means I have to read for another 3 years ;)

    Good work bud, keep on typing.

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