Facebook or MySpace?

My Art of War entry the other day caused quite a stir. Notably, it caused a stir with the readers of b5media blog BuzzNetworker where Kevin Palmer, the author who has developed a professional public profile using MySpace takes issue with my sentiments regarding Facebook’s success. He has successfully stirred the pot and many more commenters came out in support of MySpace than Facebook.

I’ve issued a challenge
. It’s really simple. Record a video and tell me why you prefer MySpace over Facebook. Keep it under a minute.

If I get a significant amount of input, I’ll publish the results as a video and you can say you were made into a movie star because of this blog (yeah, right!). Just to clarify, I need an actual file emailed to me. Feel free to publish to YouTube but if I don’t get a file, I can’t use it. :)

6 Replies to “Facebook or MySpace?”

  1. I’m not interested in recording a video but Facebook is the first of the social media sites that I’ve actually found useful. (Although sometimes I get nasty emails when I send out friend requests.)

    MySpace seems so amateurish to me, as most of the pages I’ve seen look like retro things from 1995, with blaring musics and garish site designs that obscure the text.

  2. I’ve boycotted Facebook ever since I got that message saying I was “too old” and MySpace — I agree 100% with what James Joyner said.

  3. Whenever someone comes up with a good idea, along comes Mr P Lagarist and rips it off to try and get in on it. Stick with whoever was first. Originality rules.

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