Is MySpace Dead?

Last week, I asked Facebookers “Is MySpace Dead?” The answers were very interesting. There seemed to be as much neutrality as there was bias one way or another.

Scott Matthewman says: It still seems to be as busy as ever from where I’m sitting. But the whole customisation thing is reminiscent of late 90’s Geocities — all those animated backgrounds. My eyes!

Jon Phillips says: Its soul is old world and fb folks tell me that mass migration from myspace to fb is happening.

Rachel Clarke says: Not yet. There is a definite move towards facebook for some but MySpace will remain and have uses because of its more public nature.

Gary Grant says: It may still have some life left for the kids. It never came alive for me though, not addictive like FB.

Justin Heim says: The life line is slowing down, and it is proving to be a slow and painful death… But it is still kicking!

Brian Layman says: Yes. It is packed garbage. + too many people never joined it because it was always just a place for pre-teens. With WordPress making it so easy to create real sites, it doesn’t even have that going for them. Now Facebook offers a mature social network.

Mark Jaquith says: Not yet. But I suspect that the exodus will be as swift as the rise, if not more so.

Jessica Doyle says: I never used myspace at all so therefor it didn’t exist to me. If it was never alive then it can’t be dead.

Laurarose Dunn says: Nope. I use myspace more than facebook simply because I have more friends from over the years on it. ALthough I am finding that facebook is pretty cool too!

Rico Mossegeld says: Never tried it, so it was never alive for me.

Devon Rutherford says: I know lots of 20, 30 and 40-some-year-olds that still use myspace (not just teens). Yes, the interface sucks, but non-technical individuals typically aren’t that discriminating when it comes to selecting a social networking interface. Facebook FTW! :)

Scott Allen says: Nope – that’s still where my kids (age 12-25) are. They don’t even know about FB. MS ate Friendster only indirectly because of the interface – the musicians and artists were too restricted by Friendster, so they migrated, then everyone else followed.

Kimberly Williams says: i don’t think so but i prefer facebook over myspace any day because the things on her are better than myspace and i think you can do more.

James Joyner says: I’ve never really used it. Then again, I’m not their target demo.

Robert Barac says: I bloody well hope so… I think MySpace is the old black.

Sasha Manuel says: What is MySpace? :-P

Travis Seitler says: Not yet. Maybe in two years…

Chris Cree says: Never got into MySpace. Skipped right past it, I guess.

Minic Rivera says: Yes.

15 Replies to “Is MySpace Dead?”

  1. Dead for the technorati and dead for the masses are two different things. It’s not dead-dead until it is dead for the masses.

    It goes without saying that it was never “alive” for me. Can’t stand it. But I’m not representative, and neither is anyone else who likes to leave blog comments on a Saturday night. :-)

  2. Dead for the technorati and dead for the masses are two different things.

    That was the worst day of my life when all the technorati tag feeds started showing you with all the CRAP from MySpace…..

  3. Interesting backtracking

    There was no backtracking. I thought you were commenting on the “deadness” of MySpace in an objective sense, not a personal sense. It’s dead to me, but not objectively dead. We can’t really consider it being objectively dead until its ad revenue and numbers are lower than FaceBook’s, and falling.

  4. Dead. Dead. Dead. My traffic is down 90% in the last month? Whatever the exact number, it’s a HUGE drop. Adios MySpace.

  5. I would have to say Myspace is gone and Facebook has taken over. My folks here in Saint John are watching the local evening news and low and behold the local news here has a Facebook addy.

  6. I remember chatting with you about this at the meetup Aaron – I guess it took the place of our “Alexa” discussion… ;)

    Honestly? I hate so many things about MySpace. But I’m still on it. I’ve asked several of my friends (since our talk) if they’re on FaceBook and most of them aren’t. I think FB needs more publicity, and needs to really emphasize why the simplicity of the look of it is actually more beneficial.

    You wouldn’t believe the amount of “help me with my profile! someone is in my account!” messages and phone calls I get EVERY WEEK from my MS friends… I do love that FB has a clean layout that can’t be mucked up – but I’m a girl coder/designer… I like “zen”… Clean = organized = happy Lara. But your average MySpacer doesn’t a) give a crap about that and b) loves putting up flashy crap. It’s a throwback to the mid-90’s in terms of design, for sure… and definitely gives those of us with any sense of design a harder time of it.

    But as far as “dead” goes? I think the best we can do is educate people… which you’re so desperately trying to do here, Aaron, and I admire it! ;)

  7. oh yes. myspace is dead. you cant even leave a comment anymore without verifying you’re not a robot.

  8. Personally I hope MySpace dies…. I hate flashy things and if Facebook allows you to put up your own background or create flashy things. I will leave..
    Thank you
    ~ Alexis

  9. It’s dead. They could have survived if they took their own course, but instead, they’re just copying Facebook, and it’s a futile attempt to keep them above ground. R.I.P.
    p.s.: Congrats to the Myspace owner for selling it just at the right time to Murdoch. Nice timing:) I suggest that Facebook owner does the same thing, as some new things comes along in a year or two.

  10. You guys are all crazy. I love getting emails notifying me of a new friend only to see its a girl named Jessica who loves beer and sex and oddly enough her 75 half-naked friends also all want to be my friend within an hour. I mean its quite a tough decision but the wall posts of “Grl you so hottt. Thankz fo the add” and “Yo be poppin fresh” really help to persuade and remind me that no, this site isn’t covered with spam and dying off. Its quite alive.

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