I [heart] Virgin America

I have yet to fly it, but based on the buzz and the promo material, Virgin America may just be my airline of choice. Everything a geek could love, but no other airtline in the States provides:

  • Virgin America is the first U.S. airline with mood lighting.
  • There are 3000 MP3s onboard every flight.
  • You can plug in to 110v power at every seat.
  • You can order fresh food when you want it, from the screen at your seat.
  • Red, our in-flight entertainment system, has over 25 pay-per-view Hollywood movies on demand.
  • Virgin America is a cashless airline. Place your order, swipe your card, and you’re done.

Notably, a flight from Dulles to San Francisco round trip is coming in at $278 – 50% cheaper than a similar flight on United.

Kevin Burton has more.

4 Replies to “I [heart] Virgin America”

  1. Wow, wish I had known that a few months ago. I absolutely hate flying, post 9/11. Before then I loved it, but with all the security hassles and half the flights being delayed I really dislike flying now. In May I went to the Red Hat Summit in San Diego and had a few hour flight there (from IND). If I had known about them then, I would’ve taken a Virgin America flight. I’ll definitely remember that the next time I’m booking a ticket!

  2. I’ve been wanting to fly Virgin America ever since they announced flights. If they are successful they will put a lot of pressure on United, American Airlines, and Delta in the SFO/LAX-JFK route.

    The catch is, their legroom is a little less than what JetBlue offers which is disappointing and with United’s new Premium Service, they will give Virgin America a run for their money. Premium Service is a three class plane with even the “economy” having more legroom and power outlets (110v).

  3. I didn’t like flying on Virgin America. Its aircraft cabins are so dark, I couldn’t see my seat number on the overhead. The purple and red mood lighting reminds me of a strip club. Never did see a flight attendant. In their all black uniforms they were almost invisible in the dark. Plus they are forced to stay in the galley to see order coming in on a computer screen. Movies are $7, TV shows 99 cents per episode. The live satellite TV didn’t work very well. It kept cutting out every five minutes. No frequent flyer progra. No VIP lounges. I could go on, but you get the idea. Virgin America is more sizzle than steak.

  4. I think Virgin America is great!!! They have employees that seem to love their jobs. Don’t see that to often in this industry anymore. Their prices are better then anyone else I can find. The coach seats are more comfortable then any other airlines coach seats I have ever sat in. Their first class is wonderful and you can get the seats for great prices too. Not to mention they are really comfortable.
    They do have a frequent flyer program. It’s called eleVAte. If you look on their website it’s all over the place. Easy to sign up and you can actually use the points for a flight. Unlike may other airlines that I have useless miles on, that I can’t ever use when I need to and now it will probally be impossible now.

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