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How Important Do You Think You Are?

Happy Friday, folks! I’m on my way to Philadelphia when you read this post. So because I’m not around to entertain you with my amazing antics and wordsmithing, I thought I’d leave you with this ego test. I’m calling it the Technosailor Self Importance Test and it will determine just how important you think you are.

It should be fun! Go take the test now! Make sure you tell us what the results are in comments! :-)


  1. My result is: “You are most like Matt Mullenweg!” and that is bulls$$$$t :D
    How important I feel was answered by me on 11 July this year (scroll down if you click on the link).

  2. You are most like Chris Pirillo!

    Just with less hair, I guess :P


  3. I’m the most like Matt Mulligan.


    Funny test. Need to have a “I don’t watch baseball” option.
    Man come on. Hockey!

    And it Tim Hortons coffee, the only coffee.

  4. JJT JJT

    I, too, am most like Matt Mullenweg. Nice test.

    I, of course, would have preferred a third option for the choice of baseball teams. And what if I use Windows and Linux?

    A fun test for a Friday morning, though.

  5. Yup, Mullenweg here, too. Or Pirillo. Depends on whether or not “” counts as having my name as a domain name. Does the “web” in there differentiate it enough?

    Good stuff. =)

  6. I’m Jason Calacanis? Oh, spare me! LOL

    I answered the baseball question even though I NEVER watch it. (Football, yes. Baseball, no.) And I use Mac AND Linux, but no choice for that.

    Really fun test, though. Thanks, Aaron. Enjoy PodCamp Philly.

  7. I was paired with Darren Rowse and the summation was largely spot-on. I would be curious to see what else Darren and I may match up on like content, rating behavior, movies etc. Anyway great post Aaron – perfect for Friday:)

  8. I’m Chris Pirillo… but I have more hair. ;)

  9. For the record, I fall in the CalacanisCamp. :\

  10. I’m Chris Parillo.

    We also need an “I go to an Indie coffee shop” option.

  11. Carol Carol

    I’m most like Chris Pirillo, except I’m not a guy. Um, I do take HUGE issue with the selection of coffee answers. Where was the “independently owned coffee place” answer? Huh? Hm.

    Carry on.

  12. Vix Vix

    I got Darren Rowse. It’s eerie how spot on the description is.

  13. That was pretty fun. It said I’m most like Darren, and I think that’s accurate :)

  14. I came up as Matt Mullenweg! but I think I failed the physical ;}

  15. “You are most like Chris Pirillo!” wow, that frightened me at first.. haha. I keed, love Chris! Hope to see him at the next deviantART Summit.

  16. I hear Darren Rowse scored “Chris Pirillo”.

  17. How the hell late do I get to this stuff? And only because Chris Cree tweeted it.

    My reaction to being like Chris Pirillo was not good – at first – and then I read the text and was happier. I like Chris – until he gets to stuff like “shoe on head” so you see my point.

    Next time Aaron we’re putting college football teams in here, providing a totally pedestrian option for where to have a drink (like some suburban family eatery) plus facebook issues, and how much we think we could “help you” by consulting on your test :)

  18. Sarah Cofer Sarah Cofer

    Most like Darrin Rowse and have to say it is absolutely correct! Fun morning fun!

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