We Love you Public Relations People – But Do It Our Way!

I just wanted to cap off this very tough week for PR people with a little bit of encouragement. As a blogger, I love you guys because you’re communicators by nature. You are generally effective in evangelizing a brand and keeping people looking forward an not backward.

The biggest thing I can give to PR people today is that you have to engage us. I love evrything that Brian Oberkirch has said. Take his entry. Print it out. Print it out 5 times and tape it to every vantage point of your cubicle that you can. Take a few print outs home and stick them on the refrigerator next to your kids artwork. Do whatever you have to do to remember the points he makes.

It’s important. We’ll still have you if you learn how to engage us. If not… well, career changes are always an option. ;-)

2 Replies to “We Love you Public Relations People – But Do It Our Way!”

  1. Well said Aaron!
    Btw I absolutely loved the self Importance test on your blog. One coz its unique and second it says I am like Darren Rowse!



    PS: I am gonna write about it, maybe soon you would notice my Link back! :)

  2. Vikram – thanks for pointing out the self importance test – pretty cool.

    Aaron –

    I want to find the post by Brian Oberkirch but haven’t been able to. Where’s it at? I’ll print it 5 times etc…

    Thanks for the series

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