g is the new i

If you’ve been a long time reader of Technosailor, you might recall when I wrote about how i is the new e. Things change quickly in our industry and while the points made might be valid still, quickly we are finding that g is the new i.

It seems there’s a lot of buzz over g products. gmail. gTalk. gPhone. (!!)

Of course, particularly astute readers know that the gPhone is simply vaporware – but it’s fun to speculate about what might be!

Google’s got this karma going on that is false, yet the perception is very real. They have come out in the last two weeks with a slew of announcements about openly standardized stuff, and a lot of people seem to eb buying the big G. First there was Open Social – an “open platform” for creating apps among social networks.

Wow, cool. Google’s doing something open and cool – how very different of them. Hold that thought, we’ll get to it.

The second announcement pertained to Android, a mobile platform purchased by Google back in 2005, yet just coming to fruition in the Google suite (if only by announcement) last week. The theory is that phone manufacturers can create phones run on open source software running Google apps that would maintain portability of data among computers, phones, and any other point of service allowing access to the Google heaven.

So what’s this bad karma I am referring to. Well, it’s good karma. After all, karma is just a perception anyway. People sign on to the ways of Google – openness for all, defeating the evil Microsoft-Facebook alliance, and all will be good with the world. Hoorah for socialistic groupthink!

Open Social provides a way for a single massive regime (trading at $660/share as I write this) to control the way you and I operate on the internet. All roads lead to Google. Google controls the gateways. If all roads lead to Google and they control the gateways, it goes to reason that as the single largest source of revenue in the world, they are also looking to Adsensize social media (as if we don’t already willingly have enough already).

And if you don’t think that the Google Adsense bot isn’t also monitoring how you consume your internet, well then…. just go ahead and think I’m a conspiracy theorist! ;-)

Carrying on, if Google can also control the mobile platforms through (ahem, already freely available) google applications on phones (What? They’re FREE?!), then they can also control how information is sent and received and, yes, even consumed over the airwaves.

But it’s cool. Google has recieved amazing karma points in the social media community these last few weeks. It’s all about perception anyway, and they are percieved to be benevolent dictators. Quite a PR coup after the PR blowout.

That karma leads me to believe that g is the new i.

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  1. Interesting points, Aaron. I’m curious as what you see as the dark side of Google. Why will a Strong Google be bad for us/the web/the world? Does it really matter? Will someone else come along? After all, this was the general consensus about Microsoft before Google showed up.

  2. The more Google continue down this road, the more I dislike them. How long before Google Earth becomes a reality?

    You’re not a conspiracy theorist, Aaron. You’re a realist.

  3. Hello Aaron & All –

    I think I understand your point, but you have not convinced me. First of all Karma is not a perception, it is the idea that “what goes around comes around,” And consequences come about from any actions Google or any company makes, regardless of whether they are perceived correctly or misperceived. I think you are saying that Google is in for some bad Mojo, because it pretends to be open, while at the same time inserting ads into all sorts of locations. Is that it? Well let’s take your points one at a time:

    * Google’s open platform is not really open because they MIGHT put ads in it. Ok… so they put ads in it… a) it would still be open, wouldn’t it? and b) don’t a lot of bloggers benefit from adsense ads? I mean, who said open source cannot be monetized?

    * Google might control the way we use the internet, and so it is not really the white Knight savior, rescuing us from the Microsoft/Facebook alliance, but in fact just as evil. Well I am closer to agreeing with you here, but you still have to admit that Google is a lot more “open” than Microsoft. Where I do agree with you is on the principle of openness — that is, that the net should remain freely accessible.

    So, if Google does try to walk the Microsoft way, and box people in… then that policy will come back to haunt them, and we have to hope for yet another powerhouse, with open principles, to come along and challenge them. Beware, Google — what you put out there DOES come back to you. And that is Karma.

    Yours, Scott

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