G.I. Joe is a Meanie

I was looking around on IMDB this morning when I came across this atrocity. Apparently, they are making a movie set to be released in 2009 based on G.I. Joe – yes, the toys, cartoons and comic books that every boy growing up in the 80s remembers fondly.

I was excited that they were making a G.I. Joe movie. After all, Transformers rocked. Then I saw the movie description:

A European-based military unit known as Global Integrated Joint Operating Entity (G.I.J.O.E.), a hi-tech, international force of special operatives takes on an evil organization led by a notorious arms dealer.

What the hell?! G. I. Joe was a real American hero, not some European, internationalized commando group. Give me a break. I guess a “Real American Hero” doesn’t play well in a world that despises America and relies on the United Nations to make all decisions best left to the sovereignty of nations.

As my friend Keith noted, “GI Joe is being EU/UN-ified? Can’t wait until they’re brought to the Hague for being mean to Cobra Commander.”

Insanity. Don’t mess with my heritage, please.

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  1. Aaron, It’s obviously a lame Hollywood attempt to get a bigger piece of the non-US market.

    I keep reading Hollywood types whine that they can’t make money in the movie business anymore. People just won’t go to the theater now-a-days with all the competition. Blah, blah, blah.

    If they’d just start making good entertaining movies I’d go. Four times in the last two months my wife and I wanted to go to see a movie, looked at what was playing and said never mind. That’s more than $100 of my entertainment budget they didn’t get even though I really wanted to give it to them.

    When they start giving me real entertainment instead of preachy politically correct crap and I’ll give them some of my entertainment budget again.

  2. Aaron, you hit the nail on the head. Shoot, they could have set the movie in the 80s and probably gotten around the anti-American sentiment.

    Why make a movie about a licensed property if you’re going to completely re-imagine it? It’s just a lousy attempt to sell tickets based on name recognition alone. In other words, it’s what a deceitful slimeball would do.

    Omigosh. Cobra Commander must be behind this! He was pretty incompetent, too.

  3. Cobra Commander is probably part of the U.S.A or it might as well be if G.I. Joe isn’t going to stay in America. I mean what other super power is there to defend against? Well that is some food for thought. Ha ha I can’t wait to see what kind of money this movie produces I’m sure it will be great because most people don’t take into interest the background info of the movie industry to begin with. They just like fancy movie ads and a lot of action films. Lets go G.I. Joe! = )

  4. GI Joe the movie is an insult to all Americans every where. Any person who participates in the movie should be considered a traitor to all uniformed personnel every where. GIJOE came about in WW2 when a U.S. military solider won the Medal of Honor. The name Government Issue Joe was formed. Every man and woman who server in the U.S. Military past and present is a Government Issue Joe. For paramount and Hasbro to take that from them and turn it more P.C. is a big slap in the face. Paramount and Hasbro are more worried they won’t make as much money globally if they make the movie about real American heroes. To add insult to injury cobra commander is an American CIA agent turned traitor and ends up running cobra. Talk about playing to the global crowed who hate Americans. Also as a member of the armed services there is now way the U.N. will NEVER run a true G.I. Joe team. I am calling for a boycott on the movie and all related items. If Hasbro and paramount are more worried about profits, then showing the world about REAL AMERICAN HEROS fighting terror where ever it may be. Then they don’t need American dollars to support it and the toy line they are the works of changing to fit there new version of GIJOE. Global Intergraded Joint Operational Entity run buy the weaklings in the U.N.

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