protagonize.jpgFor quite some time, I’ve dreamed of starting an historical fiction blog. I’ve toyed with this idea as I think it would be a fantastic experiment in social media. In my eyes, the blog would be written by a World War II Army soldier, and would be dated and conveyed as such.

This morning, I discovered Protagonize, a community-driven, collaborative fiction writing service that just recently launched. I’m late to the game, however, but better late than never.

Protagonize is one of those ideas that slaps you in the face and asks, Why didn’t I think of that?

The concept is community-driven, collaboration on works of fiction. As a social media kind of guy, anything having to do with “community-driven” or “collaboration” is going to end up on my radar (again, late, but it appeared). It’s just the way I roll.

In this case, Protagonize resounds with me because now I can write my story, but I can let you add to it, provide your own missing pieces, and, well, collaborate. I’ve begun a new story, Afrika, which begins by introducing Johan “Joey” Friedrichson, a German-American U.S. Army officer in World War II who is in deep cover in Rommel’s Afrika Corps trying to collect intelligence on Rommel’s plans. We are briefly told about his wife, Michelle, who has yet to have a picture painted. Why don’t you add that part? Or help us figure out what Joey’s plans are next? The story is wide open.

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  1. Hey Aaron,

    I was reading your personal brand post this morning and noticed the “Technosailor fiction” block in your navigation bar — that’s awesome. I’m tempted to add some kind of trackback/pingback capturing mechanism to Protagonize stories and author profiles just to be able to keep track of people deep linking into stories and chapters/branches.

    Glad to see you’re enjoying the site… with respect to your other blog post, you’re totally right. It’s a tough slog building up an online persona in order to drive a brand/product. I’ve been working at it slowly since launching Protagonize (and before that, but that was more general) and it’s definitely a lot of work, though extremely valuable.

  2. Nick-

    Thanks for the comment. About Protagonize. Love it, just need time to add to the stories I’ve been working on. :) LMK if I can do anything to help spread that word about Protagonize.

  3. If you know of any sites you think would be worthwhile to talk to about it, I’d love to get more people blogging about it. The main problem I’ve been running into is that most of the press I’ve been getting is on Web 2.0, industry-related sites. They’re not exactly my target audience — while nice to get critical praise from people in my field, getting writers to join the site is my primary goal. In that area, I’d love to get more eyeballs.. I think that if I could generate some press within that end of the media spectrum, it would be way more valuable.

    Not that I’m complaining – the site’s gotten some excellent blog coverage, the number of registrations and regular contributors is on the rise, and traffic numbers are great considering the site is only 2 months old. Probably just startup anxiety. At least I don’t have any significant costs other than hosting. :)

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