SxSW vs. CxCC

So have any of you noticed a recent trend on Twitter? 

It seems that our ultra-friendly, tech community has temporarily (well, hopefully temporarily) divided.  We are now those at SxSW and those NOT at SxSW.  I, unfortunately, fall in the NOT at SxSW camp.  I have requested that SxSW folks start their tweets with “œSxSW hi” so that I will know right away to overlook them, as the pain was getting unbearable.  My friend Mike Panetta declared via Twitter that he was going to shut off SMS notifications from people at SxSW until it’s over because “œIt’s too much.”Â  Andrew Wright twittered in three separate posts all of the things he would be doing if he were there in a resigned tone. 

Well, those of still in and around the District are not going to take things sitting down anymore.  We are going to have our own party.  And it might not be as big, glamorous, and internationally recognized, but it’s all we’ve got. 

You are hereby cordially invited to Central by Central Central, or CxCC. (I had no part in that name. Aren’t we Mid-Atlantic?) Monday Thursday evening.  Exact time and location TBD.  But it’ll be great!  Y’know, kinda like how all the cool places to be at SxSW are organized at the last minute and spread virally (or so I hear).  Throw in your ideas of where we should go at my site – DC Concierge, although it looks like we’re thinking BBQ.  Uncoincidentally. 

10 Replies to “SxSW vs. CxCC”

  1. i’m not at SxSW either. i mad a very sad face earlier and maybe had a minor temper tantrum about it using the words, “it’s not fair, life’s not fair, what’s the point”. then i cried.

  2. Heh you stole my thunder .. :) just teasing. But we are trying to set something up. I was trying to get a good venue form that DC Concierge .. oh wait thats you !

    Lets find a place and get the ball rolling

  3. Great idea! Too bad I won’t be able to make it there (SXSW OR CXCC), but hope you have fun. It seems to me that these festivals aren’t about interactive, music or film, but more about booze and food. But hey, who am I to argue. Let the good times roll!

  4. I think I’d rather go to SXSW for the music than the conference…any chance of some live music at CXCC? Either way, I’m there.

  5. It is rather NxNE!! I don’t think it is just about SxSW envy- we feel lonely here this week without the physical presence of many of our friends. This is to show that there is no social like face-to-face social. Geography matters!

  6. Still trying to work my way around a possible meeting Thursday night, but I’ll be there if I can be. I’m definitely a jealous SxSW hater – but much more of the music part. :)

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