3 Replies to “SXSW Interviews: Brian Solis Revisits the PR Roundtable”

  1. Good stuff! Is the privileged ability to create content quickly becoming something that makes us arrogant? Or maybe when bloggers get attention on a regular basis? I just started blogging in October and I’m absolutely loving it simply because I get my ideas down and into cyberspace and if I’m fortunate to get viewers or people commenting,I consider THAT a privilege.

  2. Hey,

    I am a PR student in Toronto, Ontario. With this being said, I am so new to the game that I find myself battling between strategy and the mighty dollar. This means that I agree with Brian’s statement that pitching to bloggers has taken a different approach then how previous PR practitioners would pitch to journalists. However, my main argument lies with when you pointed out the “extra work” that a PR professional MIGHT have to go in order to successfully gain attention from the blogger. I argue that this “extra work” is gas to the motor for PR. PR is so competitive, at least in Toronto, that any extra miles you can take to get noticed, will pay off in the end.

    Wow this went longer then I thought it would. So much for being concise. Hopefully, you understand what I am getting at.

  3. Thanks Miranda. Tried to email you but the email address you used is bouncing. Want to drop me a line aaron [at] technosailor [dot] com. There’s something I think you should know…

    Thanks for the comment.

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