Coworking in Philadelphia

After a great weekend in suburban New Jersey with family, I jaunted over to Philadelphia to work with Alex Hillman and others from the Philadelphia entrepreneur community at Indy Hall, the successful coworking community that I’ve talked about recently, and that we are modeling our own community after.

I shot some video while here to give everyone a glimpse.

Alex also shot this video tour a few months ago.

hopefully, we’ll have the same level of success in suburban Maryland as Indy Hall has had in Philadelphia.

2 Replies to “Coworking in Philadelphia”

  1. Wow, though I spent almost a week with Alex, I never really got to talk to him about what Indy hall was… Man I really wish we had one of those here! It would solve so many problems!

    Good show Alex and thanks for making the vid Aaron!

    Hmm wonder how that would go over here. hmm food for thought…

  2. Sorry I missed you at IndyHall- just back on the grid after family vacation and I am swamped. I totally agree with Alex though- it takes a group, and someone willing to act as point person, to make something like Indy Hall happen. Alex just decided it needed to happen, and made it a priority- and it has become an awesome community resource in the process- evening talks, education, where to go to outsource projects- Alex, Bart, and John make it happen.

    Philly is EXTREMELY lucky to have these guys in our town.

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