WordCamp Dallas: Photos

I’m sitting here at WordCamp Dallas where WordPress 2.5 was announced and released into the wild this morning. There is lots of buzz here, and you might want to take a look back at my own 10 Things You Need To Know About WordPress 2.5 that I released a few weeks ago.

Here, though, are some of the photos I’ve taken. I’ll add more as I can. This, again, is a feature of WordPress 2.5 so if you like to take pictures and show them off, or if you’re as hardcore as a photojournalist, you now have some pretty sexy tools at your finger tips.


2 Replies to “WordCamp Dallas: Photos”

  1. I’ve upgraded to 2.5… So far, so good. I wonder how Photo Matt adjusted his theme so individual photo pages hypertext link back to the original post, rather than point to themselves?

  2. Something went screwy on this page. Yikes!

    Anyways, after you upload photos, you can click on the galleries tab and edit each image and change the link to Post URL

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