No, I'm not Really Going to Download Squad

Thanks to Grant Robertson for instigating this prank, but no I’m not going to Download Squad – and you all should have known better. But thank you for biting – hook, line and sinker.

Here’s Grant’s video on the topic.

April Fools from Download Squad on Vimeo.

Thanks also to Mashable who rubber stamped this whole thing without knowing it. Welcome to accomplice hell. Shame on you! :)

What scares me about this whole thing is how well Grant and I (and all the Download Squad folks) lie so easily. :-)

7 Replies to “No, I'm not Really Going to Download Squad”

  1. I will say that when Grant and Loren Feldman began Twitter-battling this morning, I was completely sure this was a prank.

    Then I began to doubt. Then Mashable fell for it, and I was seriously wondering if it was true, before Grant confessed.

    Well done.

  2. I was wondering how b5media would not be *ticked* that you were heading over there, but not enough to question it too much. I thought something was up when you were able to get a job, but you got me anyway. I think Grant calling into DoC was my confirmation.

    Anyway, congrats on still being unemployed! Wait a second…

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