Technosailor Maintenance Today

To give everyone a head’s up, at some point today, this blog will go into “maintenance mode” while I move to a different server. While Technosailor has been a part of the b5media network, I also announced my departure from b5 last week and so the blog is moving to a colocated server at Defender Hosting. They have been gracious enough to work out a fantastic arrangement with me, and I’m happy to have my own box to be able to fiddle around on.

So comments will be going off at some point to prevent data loss and mail might bounce sporadically. I hope to do this as smoothly and as transparently as possible though. Probably this evening.

2 Replies to “Technosailor Maintenance Today”

  1. First steps out into the cold ;-)

    Good luck mate, we both know how painful the process can be… But then if anyone’s mastered the art of moving blogs between servers it’s you!

    One more step towards independence; can’t wait to see what’s next!

  2. WOW!!!! I am like a little speechless! Yo you have my best wishes too. But I know you are going to be just great because you are the BEST!

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