So That's What You Believe…

Just some random thoughts I have.

  1. Social Media is only as valuable as what you put into it.
  2. Your Blogging success is not based on the number of pageviews, but the number of “conversions” (forget advertising here, folks. Think deeper)
  3. Your company needs to be blogging because you can then facilitate the conversation that is happening anyway
  4. Presence Marketing can be the most effective use of social media. Read: Twitter rocks
  5. You can be more effective as a well connected, thoughtful blogger with 500 subscribers than you can as a “powerhouse” blogger with 500,000.
  6. Search feeds can be more important than blog feeds
  7. The best networking happens over alcohol, after 10pm
  8. Ask questions, receive feedback, take action.
  9. Great business is birthed out of great community which is made of great individuals with great ideas.
  10. Share and share alike.
  11. Don’t be offended if someone criticizes you.
  12. Be honest and constructive, not destructive
  13. Laugh at yourself
  14. Don’t oversell by spinning.
  15. Recurring sales come from trust.
  16. You cannot control your brand, but you can influence how it is percieved
  17. There are valuable things in social media. Everything else is not valuable.
  18. Early adopters are geeks, but they are also filters.
  19. Never say never, but if concerned, proceed with caution. But do proceed.
  20. Generations change. Practices change. Principles remain the same.
  21. A blog is the best resumé someone can have
  22. Your archives will always be there. It’s your chance to shape what they will look like.
  23. Think differently about the value of traffic. It may not be as effective as you think it is.
  24. Do not be afraid to be vocal.
  25. Think clearly and coherently and shape your words, but spend more time thinking than you do writing.

What would you add?

10 Replies to “So That's What You Believe…”

  1. Great list. Additions? How about:

    * Not all social media tools are right for all people, all companies, all situations. Don’t jump on something just because it’s trendy
    * It’s ok to not “get it.” Social media people live in their own little bubble. Ask for help. The good ones will give it with kindness and understanding.

  2. Nice post, articulate and to the point. I’m going to send a few people over here and, you know, *highlight* #s 3, 13 and 20 – but they’re all good. Thanks.

  3. Great points. I especially liked 5, 6, and 11. And I disagree with 22.

    And it’s after 10 PM, somewhere!

  4. hi aaron, great list! i like it. i like #11 and # 13, that is what i’m thinking about all the time… #8 is the best advice, thats would work!

  5. Only one quibble – this is rather company/brand centric, and social media is essentially people centric.

    If companies want to be successful in this kind of outreach, the first principle is that it is NOT about the BRAND. It is about building relationships, listening and giving people what they want.


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