Technosailor Birthday Bash Meetup

We’re coming up on four years here blogging at It’s been a fantastic four years and what better way to celebrate than with a party? We’re still putting some final touches on the plans, including securing a venue, but I can say, “Mark your Calendars” for May 20th.

In addition to four years of past blogging, we’re also drawing a line in the sand and looking forward to the future on our new focus – which we will also be sharing, and hoping you may have already figured out. (Hint: The new layout gives a good idea).

The event will be cash bar unless I can find a sponsor or two to sponsor the event. We may even have a special guest fly in from California for the event. :-) Please come and join me for this very special event – and keep your eyes peeled for more details on the venue.

Update: Please register for the event. First 50 get in. I’m 90% sure on the venue but until I know for sure, I’m leaving it as TBD. It will be in Downtown DC though. And Sponsors are welcome if we want to open the bar. Just email me at to arrange that. You will get nice love.

Update 2: Livingston Communications will be sponsoring the event which will allow us to open the bar for the first $200. I’m looking for one more sponsor to match that $200 to make sure we can keep the bar open all night.

Update 3: We have confirmed the Austin Grill (Penn Quarters) at 750 E St NW, Washington DC 20004. Light fare will be served along with happy hour prices on alcohol.

Update 4: My Drop Bin is sponsoring the event. Still more needed. Thanks, Jimmy!


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5 thoughts on “Technosailor Birthday Bash Meetup

  1. Woo-hoo! Go, Technosailor!

    It’d be fun to join y’all, but a 225mi round trip is just a bit excessive for me… I’ll be with you in spirit, tho’. ;)

  2. This anniversary also happens to be the anniversary of my wife’s birth, so that decision is made. Otherwise, I’d be there and sponsor the other $200 myself! (Easy for me to say now, huh?!)

  3. Aaron my dear, you know that if I could swing the trip, I’d be there in a heartbeat! Remember how I had to fly after the PB meetup the last time (not the first one)? I barely made it to the train, I was a hot mess that day too.

    Anyway, Happiest of Blog Birthdays to you, and I know that there is nothing but pure greatness to come from here on out (stuff like that just doesn’t stop happening when you’re you)!

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