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Valleywag is reporting that Robert Scoble is working on with Revision 3. This will probably be another demonstration of a super long and boring video that takes too long to get to the point and then offers very little takeaway. Maybe Seagate will like it though. Imagine how much more time Scoble could spend on FriendFeed if he wasn't filming these insanely long videos that require too much time investment.

Just like most Robert Scoble endeavors, the leadup takes forever and then there’s no content. [Source: Valleywag]


  1. This show will be 30 minutes once a week. It’ll be at, by the way.

    It’s pretty clear you haven’t watched any of my videos lately. There’s no where else you can get interviews with so many tech company CEOs and hear their thoughts.

  2. Jacob Jacob

    I think he missed the point that they’re boring.

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