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Obviously, there’s been a lot of talk about PR pitches gone bad. Stowe Boyd coined the word Twit Pitches last month. The concept is to force PR firms to use the economy of words (characters?) to pitch bloggers. It’s a reality in life, and I fight with my wife on this regularly, that no one cares about your “thing” as much as you do and so are less likely to want to give you the time to “pitch” the story or idea. You need to be quick, succinct and use compelling hooks.

Thus, the Twitter Pitch was born.

I’m releasing a new plugin that I hacked together over the weekend called WP-Twitterpitch that I’m also running here at Technosailor. Check out the navigation for a demo.

WP-TwitterPitch is all about getting the pitch delivered to you in the form you want to get it delivered – in other words in Twitter format. If you’re like me, then your Twitter direct message box is a lot like your email inbox. Personally, I don’t want to get pitches from PR companies in certain email inboxes. For whatever reason, I may not check them or they are personal, etc.

Twitter, however, provides the ultimate quick-messaging system. This plugin provides a template tag that you can drop anywhere in your theme. Clicking the link provides lightbox-like functionality for a “pitch form”. Using the form does not require a Twitter account (but does require that you have a secondary Twitter account you can use for this purpose, since you can’t send Direct Messages to yourself via Twitter). Note: Your WP-TwitterPitch Twitter account must follow the account that is being pitched and vica versa. This is a one-off action (hopefully, depending on Twitter) and only needs to be done when setting up WP-TwitterPitch.

Messages sent from the form are DMmed to the account getting the pitch and the form is limited to 140 characters or less. The beauty of linguistic efficiency.


  1. Upload the

    folder to the



  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Edit Admin options to include Twitter ID to pitch, Twitter ID and Password to send Twitter pitches
  4. as, as well as a message to “pitchers” that will be displayed in the form after the pitch has been sent.

    Place wherever you want the link to appear

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4 Replies to “WordPress Plugin: WP-Twitterpitch”

  1. Nice idea *but* the only DMs I want to get are from those who I follow and follow me. The only spam on Twitter that I’ve seen so far are the annoying spammers who follow me with the hope I’ll autofollow them. My twitter inbox is sacred!

    That said, it’d make for a cool “Contact” form!

  2. I hope after a month or two you’ll post an analysis of whether this works or not. Maybe I’m old school but I still need more than 140 characters to make an informed decision about whether something in the end has value or not. For example, I read your tweet, the blog post and read the text on your pitch form (that’s a lot more than 140 characters). I just wonder how you’ll be able to assess value/newsworthiness from a headline.

  3. Andrew-

    My philosophy is – if you have something to say, you can come up with a compelling hook to get me interested in 140 chars or less. Like I said, the economy of words. Certainly, as also mentioned, it’s not going to be for everyone. But for me, I’m in information overload and my blog is not my full time job – so if you want the coverage, as I’m presuming a number of people do based on the pitches I get, then you need to break it down to me quickly and succintly. It’s the proverbial elevator pitch. If I’m interested, based on your hook, then I can get the fuller pitch. Know what I mean?

    Thanks for stopping by!

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