Barack Obama Wins the Democratic Nomination with 3441 Delegates

Forget Independence day, also known as June 4th (Yes, I do know Independence Day is July 4th, but thanks for the correction. The statement was tongue in cheek.), also known as the day that Presidential hopeful Barack Obama claims the Democratic nomination for president. We’ve suffered through five months of primaries and caucuses and all of the tree decorations that have been this Democratic primary season. Today, we stand five days shy of the Montana and South Dakota primaries that will wrap up all 48 states, the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico and American Samoa.

Michigan and Florida don’t get the distinction of being called states, in this post, due to their decision to buck the party system and make their own rules. Damn those independents!

So, though Obama appears poised to claim the victory, we thought we’d take the technical approach to the nomination process and figure out what Google Fights has to say.

Picture 6.png

According to Google, Barack Obama has won 85% of the vote for a total of 3441 delegates.

One wonders why it has taken this long to find a nominee…

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10 Replies to “Barack Obama Wins the Democratic Nomination with 3441 Delegates”

  1. Hmmm… I’m not taking sides here, and would like to humorously suggest the following Google Fights:

    Hillary Clinton vs. Barack Obama: 53% Obama

    Hillary Rodham Clinton vs. Barack Hussein Obama: 92% Clinton

    Hillary Clinton vs. Barack Hussein Obama: 98% Clinton

    If we add the results for both terms, then Clinton edges out Obama with just 50.57%.

    Google Trends gives Obama a slight lead.

    Who knows… maybe we have a future calling elections with our Google tools ;-)

  2. Boo to misleading post titles. Plus, Obama benefits from the Ron Paul effect — younger more Internet savvy more energetic supporters. He’s going to beat Clinton, but it’s not a landslide.

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