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Technosailor.TV: Saturday Nights at 9pm

After a few weeks of messing around and getting comfortable in the video streaming game, we’ve had a lot of fun and a good deal of attention. It’s been fun. I’ve learned some things too – namely that these things can easily go over three hours if there’s no structure.

So, I’ll be streaming every Saturday from 9-11pm (eastern).

The format I’m going to play with will be:

Mixx Minutes with Special Guest Joe Fowler of’s Social Blend
My new favorite local company, Mixx, has some great stories. This will resemble the Diggnation show without Kevin Rose, Alex Albrecht or Digg. ;-) I’ll talk these stories over with you all as we goo, so get your webcams and uStream logins and passwords all brushed off.

Special Guest
Don’t know who this is yet – but open to suggestions. Who do you want to see? Otherwise, I’ll find someone interesting on Twitter. :-) Update: Our special guest this first week is Jonathan Dingman, an SEO guy. I’m going to skewer his SEO efforts but maybe he might have some tips for the audience.

Audience Conversations
The rest of the show will be a mish-mash of audience topics and conversations. The end of the show always gets the most fun. Last time, I pitched Andrew Hyde on a business model he stole and created VCWear from. ;-)

So, come on by on Saturday night. It’s bring your own beverages – let’s have a good time.


  1. SilentJay74 SilentJay74

    Hey man,
    I love that you want to do this but…we are already doing that. We have a weekly podcast called Social Blend over at A site for Mixxers by Mixxers. We also do a live show on uStream every other week. We would love for you to join us for a show sometime though.

  2. Thanks, Jay. I’ll check your show out but the difference here is that I’m doing a segment – not doing a whole show. There’s probably enough room for both of us.

  3. SilentJay74 SilentJay74

    Dude that’s totally cool. We would love to have you as a guest on our show sometime. I will be sure to check your show out tomorrow night. I’ll bring the beer.

  4. Hey, here’s an idea… You come on tomorrow at 9pm ET and do the 9pm segment with me and can promo your own show in the process.

  5. SilentJay74 SilentJay74

    Sounds great man. E-mail me for my contact info.

  6. I’ll try to be there, since I had such a blast chatting with you on Queen of Spain about Hillary’s questionable moral compass, etc. ;)


  7. Probably won’t touch on politics, but you never know what the audience segment will bring. ;) QoS does a good job covering politics.

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