The Aaron Brazell Show: Episode 1 – Politics, Policy and Technology

Saturday night, I was joined by Leslie Bradshaw, Art Lindsey (who I started calling Al toward the end of the show, sorry Art!), Leslie Poston and Andrew Feinberg in an interesting discussion about policy and technology inside the beltway. Steve Hodson and S. Dawn Jones also joined in during the show.

It was a fascinating discussion, and borderline offensive at times, as discussions revolved around Congress and Social Media, which I covered here last week, racism on the internet and the iPhone 3G, which Hodson found offensive. :-)

To be clear, because I heard loudly and clearly from many listeners, politics is a sensitive area. Everyone thinks they are right and people typically prefer arguing than dialogue. I prefer dialogue and tried to Picture 5.pngmaintain some semblance of give and take. For my part, I remain independant with both conservative and progressive views on various issues. I don’t mind arguing and debating or even people telling others that they are completely wrong. The line that I draw is one of respect and when the respect line is crossed, that’s where I have issues. Despite the sensitive nature of some of our discussions, I don’t believe the respect line was crossed and I support the right of all the panelists to express their opinions, even if it offends some.

While this was the first episode of the Aaron Brazell Show (successor of the failed video show Technosailor TV), it won’t be the last. Next week, Glen Stansberry and Jared Goralnick join to discuss productivity and Freshbooks is giving away a one year subscription to it’s Shuttlebus package.

You can listen to Episode 1 or Subscribe in iTunes.

4 Replies to “The Aaron Brazell Show: Episode 1 – Politics, Policy and Technology”

  1. Aaron:

    You are such a magnet for political discourse yet you manage to keep things somewhat civil. I remember the days when Republicans and Democrats shared a cab to The Hill. Today, they pull up in armored Humves baring the insignia of their party with guns blazing.

    It is amazing what happens at the intersection of biased reporting in the news, and the elimination of Truth in Advertising and Civics as units in public schools. I guess the average American is now less prepared to face the world (and change it) than ever before. And the government likes it that way.

  2. Aaron,

    Thanks be to you for having us on — my kind of Saturday night, seriously :-)

    I only wish that there was more interest from the population at large to spend more time engaging with the issues like this. And, to all those who are hyper-connected online already, the challenge is to be concerned less with Twitter and iPhone outages (!!) and more with things like Bills, voting records, elections, local/national/international issues and holding elected officials accountable.

    In both instances: your coverage and the folks involved give us all much hope.

    Also, to echo Tobias (above), civil political discourse is a must. That partisanship has taken over in such extreme ways should cause us all to pause and be concerned. As defined by Merriam Webster’s, the term “partisan” is not sounding too good… “prejudiced”? “Unreasoning allegiance”? “Harassing an enemy”? Yuck.

    1: a firm adherent to a party, faction, cause, or person; especially : one exhibiting blind, prejudiced, and unreasoning allegiance

    2 a: a member of a body of detached light troops making forays and harassing an enemy b: a member of a guerrilla band operating within enemy lines

    Yikes… what about being productive? collaborative? Civic-minded? democratic? And no, “operating within enemy lines” doesn’t qualify.

    Thanks again Aaron… looking forward to things heating up nearing the conventions and November – your coverage has been great. Even more so: looking forward to sustaining this beyond the every-4-years-we-actually-care spike in interest. And, as technology evolves, I hope the Franking Rules, those to whom they apply and those enforcing them do, too.


  3. I had a blast arguing, er, talking tech and politics on the show. I’ll be tuning in from the other side of the mic next week, count on it.

    Leslie Poston
    @geechee_girl on Twitter

  4. This past week’s show was a blast…and I enjoyed the rowdiness. Thanks so much for inviting me to participate in this coming week’s edition–can’t wait! I know you’re going to throw some curveballs our way, and am looking forward to hearing Glen’s thoughtful responses : ).

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