WordPress 2.6: Officially Launched

If sources very close to WordPress development are to be believed, it’s dropping tonight. Many people will be upgrading their WordPress blogs tonight or tomorrow. Lots of folks have written about new things that you should be aware of so here’s a quick recap.

WordPress MU is following the WordPress development timeline and should see a similar bump in short order. It is jumping to version 2.6 to mirror WordPress development.

I’ll update this post when it actually drops, though as I said, it should be “sometime this evening Pacific time”.

Bonus points to the attentive user who discovers the easter egg in WordPress 2.6 and reports back here. ;)

Update: SVN Users. WordPress 2.6 is versioned. Revision 8332. Yet to be branched though the versioning in trunk indicates it’s imminent.

Update 2: Version 2.6 has been branched in SVN now –


. For those unaware, that pretty much means that 2.6 is final, just awaiting bundling and availability at WordPress.org.

Update 3: WordPress 2.6 is in the Wild

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  1. I have been watching blogs and news all day for this. I have a bigger blog on 2.3.3 and am itching to upgrade to the new improved 2.6. I am looking at this as the 2.0 version of the 2.5 release, hope it really rocks as much as I am hoping

  2. Just got it, and updated my three weblogs without any problem, as far as I have been able to determine. I think it has enough new features to qualify for a major release, and I love the new PressThis bookmarklet. I’ve been using WordPress for over four years now, and am astonished how it just keeps getting better and better.

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