Web 2.0 Representation in the Obama Administration

We are not 4 full days into the Obama transition period and already three web executives have made theoir way into the mix in some kind of advisory role. Yesterday, we covered the naming of Julius Genachowski of Launchbox Digital and Sonal Shah of Google.org to the transition team. Today, the New York Times points out that Google CEO Eric Schmidt has been named to his economic advisory board.

This got me thinking about what a Web 2.0 Administration would look like. In considering roles within the new administration, I’m suggesting possibilities based on their personal reputation within the web space with a favoring for people that own or run their own companies.

Chris Brogan is the ultimate diplomat and community guy, so he should be considered for Secretary of State. Louis Gray is my candidate for Ambassador to the United Nations. Oh and Tom from MySpace needs to be an Ambassador or something because he’s everyones friend.

Jason Calacanis is a master businessman, having been the CEO or an executive in companies such as Weblogs Inc., AOL and now Mahalo. As such, I am naming him as Secretary of Commerce.

Mike Arrington is not a practicing attorney, but it is his background. He is a no-bullshit kind of guy not hesitating to name companies to the dead pool if he thinks they have no chance and propping up companies who he believes does have a chance. Because of the nature of the FBI, and the Department of Justice, Mike seems like a good fit as the Attorney General.

Gary Vaynerchuk, as the ultimate communicator, is qualified and should be President Obama’s Press Secretary.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs seems to be the only CEO of a publicly traded company (AAPL) who seems to be doing okay in the economic downturn. Sure, he might want to redistribute iPods, and ensure the Star Spangled Banner is the top pick in the iTunes Music Store for 4 years, but he should be the Secretary of the Treasury.

Lightning rod video and puppet blogger, Loren Feldman, has no issue going after “enemies of America” (or anyone else) and as such, he gets my designation for Secretary of Defense.

Knowledge blogger, Dave Taylor, has built up a wealth of intelligence regarding a variety of topics. I nominate him as the Director of Central Intelligence.

Graham Hill of Treehugger is the notable nominee for Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency. SpaceX CEO Elon Musk as Administrator of NASA.

Julia Allison should definitely be a White House intern.

What do you think? Who else should be in the cabinet?

Added: Melanie Notkin has been nominated, and I concur, in comments below as Secretary of Health and Human Services. Her site is using Web 2.0 to enlighten and inform aunts, families and the general population.

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  1. Where are you in the admin?

    And what about Melanie Notkin as a health and human services person? Her site – SavvyAuntie – is using Web 2.0 to enlighten and inform aunts, families and the general population.

    Good post!

  2. Okay, now I’m stuck thinking of GaryVee’s press briefings… sniffy sniff!

    Can I be Minister of Propaganda? ;)

    There are plenty of positions open for the women – I’m not too worried about the fact that you didn’t put them in *yet* – I figure it’s just a way to get @QueenofSpain to wonk you on the head with a brick. heh.

  3. Love this post. (LOL – JuliaAllison as White house intern)

    Other positions that need to be filled:

    Secretary of Agriculture

    Secretary of Commerce

    Secretary of Labor – I propose Barry Libert, Chairman of Mzinga, because he built an entire business that’s about helping businesses be profitable and productive using social technology

    Secretary of Health and Human Services

    Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (Matt Mullenweg because everyone wants to house their blogs on WordPress – fo’ sho)

    Secretary of Transportation

    Secretary of Energy – Garyvee could handle this slot too because he never stops. I want our web 2.0 country to run on whatever he uses/ingests to fuel himself.

    Secretary of Education

    Secretary of Veterans Affairs – Leo Laporte, because he’s a veteran in the industry. Or maybe Scoble. One of those guys.

    Secretary of Homeland Security

  4. You know the DCIA doesn’t have the power they used to, they report to the DNI, however Obama may want to just kill that agency all together.

    And yes you need more women, I would want a job in here somewhere. I’ve always wanted to be a cross-breed of Andrea Wyatt and Amy Gardener (West Wing reference).

  5. @Alexa: I know some people that know a bit about Agriculture that could fill the position…

    My vote goes to Chris Brogan to be the Social Media Czar for Obama.

  6. Aaron,

    I’m loving this. I can’t wait for Gary to hold a press conference and tell people that Prez O went over for some diplomatic talks in the Middle East and “crushed it”. Awesome.


  7. Jason Calacanis as secretary of Commerce? Don’t make me laugh. The guy sold Weblogs Inc. for dirt cheap, and it was never as big or profitable under his direction as it is now.

    Also, I’m not sure if you’ve heard about how he’s running Mahalo into the ground? If you want someone who will lop off heads by the dozen here in the US and outsource all of those jobs to the Philippines, then I think he’s a fine choice.

    Master Businessman indeed. Master bullshitter is more like it, but he’s actually pretty bad at that too.

    Here’s a suggestion: why not pick someone who’s business is succeeding as a Sec. of Commerce? Plenty of those around, no need to pick someone who once stood on a table and told his employees in so many words that he was out of ideas on how to improve his business, “delegating” that responsibility to the rank and file.

  8. Great list with one exception.

    We’ve just gotten rid of a self-serving egomaniac – we don’t need another one that will put himself before the need of others. Therefore Calacanis should be struck from the list.

    I’d hardly call Mahalo a success, either.

  9. Lucretia, the post was so popular that it triggered the new WP 2.7 “Paged Comments” feature. Unfortunately, this theme is old enough and not smart enough to handle that. :)

    I’ve turned off paged commenting and all the comments are there. Thanks for the heads up

  10. I’m wondering why you didn’t suggest YouTube views or Digg as a means for cabinet selection?

    Of course, this opens the possibility for an Angry Drunken Dwarf sweep of all cabinet level positions. But really — if you are wanting the maximal harnessing of the forces of Web 2.0 in practice — you gotta go 100% pure unrefined unqualified mob voting by the digitally enabled sub-culture of society.

    If that’s not patriotic, I don’t know what is.

    p.s. You have achieved link love singularity. Awesome.

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