Pownce Dies, We Called It

The death of Pownce seems to have been a big news-getter. It’s unclear why except that star-power was behind the company (Kevin Rose of Digg, Ariel Waldman, Leah Culver). As noted in the myriad of echo chamber articles here, here, here, here, here and here (left unlinked because our policy is not to link to Dave Winer – go find it yourself) – Six Apart, the company behind Movable Type, Typepad and Vox has acquired Pownce and the talent pool, and plans to close down Pownce in two weeks.

Folks, for the record, we called it multiple times before. You can keep reading Technosailor.com as we’ll always break the news a year early. ;-)

7 Replies to “Pownce Dies, We Called It”

  1. “… left unlinked because our policy is not to link to Dave Winer.”
    Is this a joke?

    If not, then why is this your policy? Some sort of history with Dave that you won’t even link to your own posts explaining? Seems like a cheap shot without context — assuming it’s not a joke.

  2. while i can’t speak for everyone, i’d like to think mine wasn’t an echo chamber article :)

    now if you can predict the future – how much vc funding will i get for cloudcontacts?


  3. Always sucks to see a good python app die…

    On another note, can you add Valley Wag to the list of sites you don’t link to? That was a pretty crappy post they put up.

  4. Well, Dave Winer has a tendency to spout off (or is it spew) and then when you challenge him on it, get huffy, and rather than just not follow, he blocks.

    I have twittered about this a bit… what is it about people (apparently mostly the far left) that they can’t stand counter views, and they must BLOCK people?

    Ah well. Blocking simply means he keeps us from hearing his views. And I thought the best way to convince others was to show them the wisdom of your ways.

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