WordPress Plugin Pack: Photography

Every day, I get emails, IMs and other questions asking me “What plugins do I have to have in WordPress?” My answer is always the same – depends on what you do or want to accomplish. There are two plugins that are absolutely required, in my opinion, for any WordPress blog – Akismet to combat blog spam and All in One SEO Pack to handle all the basic search engine marketing stuff that most of us forget (or maybe don’t even know how to do) every day.

I will be releasing these “plugin packs” regularly so feel free to request (by email) packs you’d like to see. All plugins released are GPL and publicly available – but I will provide a zip that includes all the plugins for one easy download.

The first plugin pack is for photographers.

  • Lightbox 2 – frames photos in an aesthetically, pleasing frame over a darkened screen.
  • WordPress Flickr Manager – provides controls for managing your Flickr library and inserting Flickr content into posts.
  • Yet Another Photoblog – allows you to turn a WordPress install into a Photoblog
  • SlidePress – Turn your photos into slideshows.
  • NextyGEN Gallery – built on the Gallery software, leveraging WordPress functionality.

Download the Entire Pack


3 Replies to “WordPress Plugin Pack: Photography”

  1. Thanks for this Aaron – looks like some really useful utilities. Having probs logging in to download though, can you help here please?

    1. Hey Russell- You have to register a free account here. Mainly, I’m trying to keep other sites from being able to offer the 3MB download for free (mainly spam sites) and costing me the bandwidth…

  2. The Flickr add-in is something I have been keeping in mind in the back of my head to get, as the older Flickr add-in I had became unsupported some time ago. I never upgraded it as a result, and I miss having that Flickr integration. Thanks, Aaron, for pointing me to the place where I can get it back.

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