Sponsored Post: Granting a Wish with Sears


This post is a sponsored post on behalf of Sears via Izea. The opinions are mine.

The economy is tough right now, and in my personal life, things are as challenging to me as they might be for you. So when offered an opportunity to work with IZEA on a Sears Grant a Wish program, it piqued my interest.

Sears is not typically my store of choice to shop. Christina likes to accuse me of being a metrosexual – that is, I like to look good and am willing to put out money to make sure it happens. I don’t think that makes me metro, but who knows.

The program that Sears and IZEA are partnering on provided a $500 gift card for me to use in my Christmas shopping at any Sears store. The point was to grant a wish, as the Sears program name suggests. As an uncle of three boys on my side of the family (Ages 3, 2 and 6 months) and a girl (14 months old), there were plenty of wishes to be granted.

I went over to the Sears in Alexandria at the Landmark Mall and began by strolling the store. I checked out the electronics department (for me), the clothing department for kids, tools, toys… I even walked through the bedding section.

I was impressed that there were actual brands, mostly at discounted prices (50% off, 40% off, etc).

Without giving away the house (as folks read this blog, believe it or not), all the cousins were taken care of (my sister and her family and my brother and his family are really strapped right now, so this is a huge bonus for them, and it gives me an opportunity to Grant a Wish not only to the kids, but to my siblings who could benefit from the reinforcements). In addition, various other members of the family will be treated to “electronic gear” including a much needed digital camera. I was also taken care of in a small way to pick up some warmer winter clothes that I’m going to need here, especially with frequent trips to Boulder, CO for work.

Of course, 5 gifts were purchased to Grant a Wish to Toys for Tots as seems appropriate.

I want to be clear. This is not a business and technology post. This is not a how-to, or advocacy for smart social media presence in the web space. However, Sears is obviously positioning themselves to be smart social media citizens through their partnership with IZEA and bloggers (some of whom are Red Carpet bloggers). This is not a SEO post that is paid placement, for all intents and purposes. This is doing good for others with the knowledge that doing good for others will do good for them, and they are merely using folks like myself to do that good. I’m really blessed to have been given this opportunity.

I don’t know how often I will shop at Sears. I hate shopping anyway. But this was a great experience that helped me accomplish most of my Christmas shopping quickly (I don’t have a lot of time this month with travel) and allowed me to give where there was real need. I truly appreciate that most of all.

Obviously, larger principles apply here to business and life. It is what many have called The Golden Rule: Do to others, what you would have them do to you. Businesses can give if they don’t limit themselves to a bottom line, but engage in a culture of positive returns.

But wait, there’s actually more…

As part of this program, Sears has given me the opportunity to give away a Holiday gift package to one of you, my readers. That means I can Grant a Wish to you as well. :)

First the gift packs (Winner can choose one gift pack):

The iPod Pack

The Playstation 3 Pack

The “Electronics for Your Car” Pack

How to Play

Official rules are here. You can enter to win up to three times per person:

  • Use Twitter and tweet out “RT @technosailor please grant my wish to win the #Sears [package name] – tweet to win your own wish http://urlbrief.com/1c5ba9”
  • Leave a comment on this post with the Sears Item #s of products you would buy (up to $500). You can go to http://www.sears.com to look for item numbers.
  • Create a blog post about the contest and leave a link to it in the comments of this post.

433 Replies to “Sponsored Post: Granting a Wish with Sears”

  1. I’d love to win the PS3 pack. I played Fallout 3 at a game cafe and looooved it just like Fallout 1&2, but I don’t have a system to play it on!

  2. Hey Aaron, congrats on getting into the Sears Holiday Wish Package program. Here’s my entry….stuff for the kids. ;)

    Sears item# 05201233000 Nickelodeon Dora Designer Dollhouse $85.49
    Sears item# 05289955000 Homestar Optical Star Planetarium $139.99
    Sears item# 05213027000 LEGO 50th Anniversary Building Set $39.99
    Sears item# 05237332000 My First Kenmore Beeping-Timer Oven $79.99
    Sears item# 05237330000 My First Kenmore Open-and-Close Refrigerator $79.99
    Sears item# 05237314000 My First Kenmore Play-Spray Sink $63.99
    Sears item# 05290413000 Power House Experiments in Future Technics $169.99

  3. Pretty neat post and program. With a new baby coming soon, my wish is baby stuff!!

    Graco Pack n’ Play® Portable Playard – Graham
    Sears item# 04988228000 Mfr. model# 9883GRM $129.00

    Graco Meal Time Highchair – Clara
    Sears item# 04988232000 Mfr. model# 3B03CRL $74.99

    Graco imonitorâ„¢ Digital Color Video Baby Monitor
    Sears item# 04922426000 Mfr. model# 2797DIG $179.99

    Edushape Bonding Puppy
    Sears item# 04988470000 Mfr. model# 923403 $15.19

    Fisher-Price Rainforestâ„¢ Melodies & Lights Deluxe Gymâ„¢
    Sears item# 04922553000 Mfr. model# K4562 $53.99

    Infantino Soft Infant Carrier
    Sears item# 04923785088 Mfr. model# 196-608 $21.24

  4. (I should really have read the fine print about the spending limit. Ignore that one, I’ll just go for the car care pack, that 2 way starter would be great!)

    05730719000, 05730431000,

  5. If I could go shopping at Sears this Christmas with $500 to spend, I would buy:
    Lucas Arts Star Wars – The Best of – Sears item# 05805794000 Mfr. model# 81018 – for my husband
    Fallout 3 – # Sears item #05896327000 – again for my husband
    Deluxe Patrick Shape Sorting House – Sears item# 04990128000 Mfr. model# 96027 – for our 14 month old
    Paula Deen Pots & Pans Set – # Sears item #00868020000 – for me.
    Men’s Diamond Accent Ring, Size 10 – I couldn’t find a product number.

    I’m off to write my blog post. It’ll be at http://trailmixup.wordpress.com

  6. If I got my wish list, it would be…
    Apple iPod 8gb Touch – 05791318000 as a gift, and
    a Seiko watch – 04442616000 for me…
    (besides the iPod package)

  7. I would love the Electronics pack an here is my wish list
    tomtom GPS, ONE 125 Portable GPS Navigation Device
    Sears item# 05730719000 Mfr. model# 1EE0.017.01

    Nintendo Wii – Fun Bundle

    Sears item #05892006000
    Mfr. model #Wii Fun Bundle

  8. Hello. I would use the gift card towards an oven for my mother’s kitchen. This is a great giveaway!

    Black Maytag 24 in. Electric Double Wall Oven with Electronic Controls, Self-Clean Upper
    Sears item# 02229149000

  9. It’s snowing here, and my back doesn’t want to face the snow shovel one more time. I’d buy this snowblower from Sears: Craftsman 179cc 4 cycle Single Stage Snow Thrower with Electric Start ($499.99).

    Generous giveaway! Thanks!

  10. My fantasy list:
    Sears item #05771228000 Sylvania 20 in. (Diagonal) Class LCD DTV $299.99
    Sears item# 00370303000 Lexmark Lex X4550 All In One Printer Wireless $129.99
    Sears item# 07190777200 Simply Christmas 6ft Mount Washington Spruce with 400 Never Out Lights – Multi $59.99

  11. I would choose The iPod Pack-

    I would raffle the package off at the Ms Wheelchair Massachusetts 2009 pageant to help raise funds to send the new titleholder to the Ms Wheelchair America pageant.

    Thanks to you, Izea and Sears

  12. I’m positively salivating over the idea of the Xbox 360 Elite bundle (Sears item #05891057000) and the Guitar Hero Aersomith bundle (Sears item #05891401000). Those have both been on our ‘want’ lists for the longest time as is!

    Of course, if I were to pick one of your pre-designed packages, I’d go with the PS3 package. You just can’t go wrong with games!

  13. I went to the sears website and found a few items that I really would love to buy the first one is a new electric blanket to replace our old one that died when the weather started getting cold, I want the Sunbeam # 09671795708 in cranberry
    and I want to get one for my son for his chilly dorm room 09671795708 in ocean blue, also I want to buy my husband a Covington super soft robe item 03319755096, and another item is Sony Blue Ray player item # 05757438000 , thanks for the fantastic giveaway, And merry christmas to all

  14. Would love the I-pod pack for my son. He is out of work having had back surgery. At least this would keep him entertained while he is waiting for his back to heal. Thanks for this opportunity to brighten someone’s day.

  15. I’d really like to get this

    Kenmore 30 in. Freestanding Electric Range
    Sears item #02294038000

    Mine has just about had it.

  16. My son is closing on his first condo, so I’d be a good mom and buy him:

    White Kenmore 1.2 cu. ft. Countertop Microwave
    Sears item #02063252000
    Mfr. model #6325 $99.00

    Kenmore 10 pc. Hard Anodized Interior Cookware Set $99.00

    Sylvania 20 in. (Diagonal) Class LCD DTV
    Sears item# 05771228000 Mfr. model# LC200SL9 $299

  17. love the ps3 pack.

    My husband desperately has asked for the same thing year after year, with $500 towards it, I could get the bubble hockey game he wants!
    item# 00623815000

  18. Who can choose? One son’s ipod isn’t working, the other is AWOL and has been for 9 months. GPS…you mean I would n’t have to use maplost..I mean MapQuest. PS3? We could come into this century’s gaming. Me first!

  19. Thank you so much for this giveaway. I would love to buy the Panasonic 42 in. (Diagonal) Class Plasma Integrated HDTV (720p), VIERA
    Sears item# 05775508000 Mfr. model# TH-42PX80U if I had a $500 gift card.
    These prizes are so great. I’d really love the Playstation 3 package if I won.
    Thanks and Happy Holidays.

  20. I would buy…
    item# 04428472000
    item# 05771518000 (its on sale for a great price)

    I would choose the ipod pack. Thank you for the generous contest! Happy Holidays!

  21. OK, well I guess I still see Sears as THE PLACE to buy household appliances. They just make some of the BEST. I live in Florida, so there will be no snowblower purchases for me. Instead, I’d LOVE to have a gas grill (I don’t have one) & this red number would be PERFECT
    FOR ME – Sears item #07116301000 Kenmore 608 sq. in. Total Cook Area Gas Grill – Red $280
    FOR TOYS FOR TOTS – Sesame Street Elmo Live – # 05201316000 $60
    Excalibur Electronics Micro Flyer/Silver
    # 05297894000 $30
    FOR SON (IN COLLEGE) – Cuisinart 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker #00898640000 $70 (so he doesn’t spend SO MUCH at Dunkin Donuts)

  22. Wonderful contest – thanks!

    TKS Katie – Black
    Sears item # 03662260558

    Girl Code Rhinestone Bubble Dress
    Sears item # 07717649032

    Open Star Drop Earring with Diamond Accent. Sterling Silver
    Sears item # 04463348000

    Samsung Blu-ray Discâ„¢ Player
    Sears item # 05757058000

    Ty Pennington Style Bamboo Cotton Washcloth
    Sears item # 09699892255 Mfr.model # B6241

    Ty Pennington Style Bamboo Cotton Bath Towel
    Sears item # 09699890255 Mfr.model # B6239

  23. If I were to win I would use it for a workbench for my husband. We have recently built shelves in our pole building and the workbench would make for a great addition.
    Item #00959125000 ,00959130000 ,00959175000 ,00959186000,00959187000
    Thanks for the giveaway and Happy Holidays!

  24. I would buy a new dishwasher because mine is broken and it is hard to wash dishes for 7 people every day. The item info is:

    Stainless Steel Frigidaire 24 in. Built-In Dishwasher
    Sears item# 02211133000 Mfr. model# GLD2445RFC

    Thank you for this opportunity!

  25. I would purchase the ProForm XP ThinLine 480 Elliptical trainer because I really would like to get in shape again!
    Sears item# 00623844000 Mfr. model# 23844.

  26. I want the Playstation 3 Pack. In fact that is what I would buy as well (except that it would be the 160 gb bundle):

    Sony PLAYSTATION 3 160GB Uncharted Drakes Fortune Bundle
    Sears item# 05896009000 Mfr. model# 9803

    Thanks and happy holidays.

  27. I would get the Vizio 26 in. (Diagonal) Class LCD HDTV (720p)

    Sears item #05771518000
    Sauder Footboard Bench – Soft White
    Sears item# 00892746000

  28. Snapper 190 cc 21 in. 3-In-1 Deck Rear Bag Mower, Rear Wheel Drive

    Sears item #07137122000
    Mfr. model #37122
    User Rating: 14 ratings
    You Pay: $339.98
    Magellan RoadMate 1400 GPS Navigation System w/ 4.3 in. Touchscreen Display

    Sears item #05710004000
    Mfr. model #ROADMATE 1400
    User Rating: 3 ratings

  29. JVC 30GB Hard Disk Drive Camcorder, Everio
    Sears item# 00356148000 Mfr. model# GZMG330HUS $349.99
    Craftsman Heavy Duty Neverkink® Self-Straightening Hose – 100 ft.

    Sears item #07163027000
    Mfr. model #63027
    You Pay: $39.99
    2 pair of
    Levi’s ® 517â„¢ Boot Cut Jeans

    User Rating: 8 ratings
    $31.99 each


    Sears item #00390297000
    Mfr. model #GZMG335HUS
    Reg Price: $499.99 Savings: $25.00 You Pay: $474.99
    In stock for delivery

  31. Thank you for having this. The one thing on my wishlist is this
    Stainless Steel Kenmore Elite 25.0 cu. ft. TRIO® Ice & Water Dispensing Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator
    Sears item# 04678753000 Mfr. model# 78753
    My fridge is getting a little old and this one is just marvelous. Hey, we can all dream cant we?? lol. Thank you!

  32. With $500 at Sears, I would buy this:
    Black Kenmore 24 in. Built-In Dishwasher
    Sears item# 02213749000 Mfr. model# 13749

    I would have to add about $100 to it, but that would be ok with me :)

    thanks for the chance.

  33. I would purchase the Black GE Appliances 24 in. Built-In Dishwasher
    Sears item# 02211049000

    Thank you!

  34. Here are my pick of items from sears:
    Sears item# 05892256000 Super Mario Galaxy 49.99

    Sunbeam Elite Heated Blanket
    Sears item# 096B2118000 49.99

    Craftsman 204 pc. Mechanics Tool Set
    Sears item# 00937204000 Mfr. model# 37204 99.99

    Home Styles Kitchen Cart
    Sears item# 00859143000 Mfr. model# 8891001031C 299.99

  35. If I were lucky enough to win, I’d pick the iPod Pack. With $500 to spend at Sears, I would buy the Craftsman Professional 20 volt Lithium-Ion 6 pc. Combo
    Sears item# 00929029000 Mfr. model# 29029 for $599.99 and put $99.99 towards it for hubby. Thank you for the great giveaway!

  36. Sony PLAYSTATION®3 80GB Console
    Sears item# 05896008000 Mfr. model# PS3 80GB

    We are a bit short of ca$h this year, so aren’t giving big gifts. This would really be a fun item for all of us.

  37. Mine would all go toward Sears item #04674192000 (fridge) that I need before my current one dies!

    I’d prefer the Ipod pack, please.

  38. I would love the ipod prize, I’m the only one I know that doesn’t have one, well maybe my 80 year old mother. Thanks!

  39. I would love to win the Ipod Package! Its on my daughters wish list:)

    For me, I would love: Sears item #05771178000 A Flat Panel Screen TV,oh yeah! I can always dream,lol!


  40. the iPod gear…

    although I have no choice in the matter really. My roommate is making me post this under duress. At this very moment he has my little cat Fluffy dangling over a roaring pit of flames that he dug in the backyard. He can’t do the dishes but he has time to dig out an 8x8x8 Pit o’ Doom. Go figure.

  41. It would have to be the Nintendo Wii – Fun Bundle

    Sears item #05892006000
    Mfr. model #Wii Fun Bundle

  42. No question here! My Christmas wish is to have a car where a car (or two!) can actually be parked :) Sears is great for garage organization supplies, so here’s my wish:
    2 of these: Racor Pro Ceiling Mount Bike Rack Sears item #00959535000
    2 of these: Racor Pro Heavy Lift Storage System Sears item #00959537000
    1 of these: Craftsman LocBoard 64 pc. Heavy-Duty Steel Storage Sears item #00995686000

    Yes, yes, yes…that’d do it!

  43. My Sears wish list is:

    Kenmore 608 sq. in. Total Cook Area Gas Grill – Red
    Sears item #07116301000

    Oneida 65 pc Chandler Flatware Set
    Sears item# 00832369000 Mfr. model# 32369

    Thanks for the terrific giveaway!

  44. I’d buy item # 05757438000 – Sony Blu-ray Discâ„¢ Player and item #00399868000
    – Casio Blue 10.1 MP Digital Camera…….talk about great Christmas gifts!………..and I would choose the iPod Pack for the contest prize. Thanks!

  45. Ooh, I would LOVE the iPod Pack! I have been drooling over the iPod Touch ever since it first came out. Thank you for the amazing prizes that you picked out!

  46. I would like to get the Playstation 3 package for my kids of course and if it just so happens to be a game I may like to play then so be it… Kudos to you for the toys for tots..

  47. I’d love to buy the “ProForm XP XP 520 Razor with Perfect Motion Technologyâ„¢
    Sears item# 00623744000 Mfr. model# PFID125W”. (It’s an eliptical exercise machine) My husband has high blood pressure and we both need to exercise more.

  48. I think I’d choose the iPod package, although the Playstation Package is awfully attractive, too. Thanks for the opportunity.

  49. Each year a special professional group I’m involved in adopts elderly individuals for the holidays. We’ve found there are many senior citizens out there without any family, who struggle to even just pay their bills. Last year, other than food and a couple of other gifts, we used the rest of the money available to pay a widow’s electric bill and buy her medical supplies. This year we adopted another elderly woman, who asked for nothing except food. She said that would be blessing enough. Other than what our organization can contribute, we also do some out of pocket. Other than lots of canned food, I tried to purchase her some things that I’ve found many consider luxeries. New pillows, towels, house slippers, etc. If I were to be granted the $500, I would have liked to have gotten her a few more “special things”.

    ~Plaid Flannel Sheet Sets and Pillowcases Sears item # 09675777000 $34.99 (Older people are always cold.)

    ~Fleece Throw Sears item # 09674715000 $9.99

    ~Reversible Down Comforter Sears item # 09672742000 $49.99

    ~HoMedics BubbleSpaâ„¢ Luxury Footbath with Heat Sears item # 00823415000 $29.99

    ~Roomba Remote Control Vacuum Sears item # 02038800000 $149.99 (The little women always worry their floors haven’t been vacuumed.)

    ~Prescription Bottle Magnifier Sears item# 00871209000 $9.99

    ~Telemergency Phone Machine Sears item # 05377180000 $139.99

    I would use the rest to pick a little something up for my husband for always being so supportive.

    ~ Craftsman 94 pc. Easy-To-Read Mechanics Tool Set Sears item# 00937094000 $59.99

  50. The I Pod Pack, I’ve been wanting one so bad, but Santa said he won’t bring it to me this year. Guess I’ve been a bad girl or Santa is broke. ;) Probably both!
    Thanks for the fun, happy holidays!

  51. Oh and as far as your lists, I would be tickled to be considered for your “Electronics for you Car” package. My husband and I are planning more weekend trips this upcoming year and it would do us a lot of good. :) Thanks!

  52. I’ve had my eyes on the Tailored Home Farmhouse 5 pc. High Dinette, item# 00850300000 for the past month and so that would be on my list.

    I also like the JK Adams 32 Bottle Spice Carousel, item# 0080802000.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  53. Here is my wishlist:
    Brother High-Speed Monochrome Desktop Network Laser Printer
    * Sears item #00394087000
    Sylvania Blu-ray Disc Player
    Sears item# 05757758000

    The The “Electronics for Your Car” Pack is my pick. Thanks for the chance!

  54. This Sears contest is really great;

    For me its Closet System JLH-528

    Sears item# 00891422000

    Would make me my wife’s hero.

  55. I would defiantly go for The Playstation 3 Pack. I recently adopted a 14 year old and it would be awesome for him

  56. I would love to win the Playstation 3 Prize Pack.
    Ok, what to spend $500 0n:
    for hubby:
    Weider Weight System, Pro 4300
    Sears item# 00614622000 Mfr. model# Pro 4300
    On sale 399.99
    For me:
    Reflections Reflections Hobo
    Sears item# 088J2956000
    On sale: $39.99
    Whole Home Cotton Blanket
    Sears item# 096B6232000
    On Sale $19.99 x3 = $59.97
    I would want 3 in the colors of sage, blue and Ivory

    Total: $499.95

  57. I’d pick the PS3 pack so the item I’d want is 05896008000, the 80GB PS3 console! Thanks for the contest!

  58. The Playstation 3 pack would be my choice
    As for what I would do with a $500 gift card from Sears.. Oh my, do you really want to ask me that question? I am a Single Disabled Mom. I am being evicted from the home that I live in and moving in with my x-husband (he is graciously taking in not only our child but me as well because I am so ill). I would buy clothes for my daughter and kitchen stuff so that I can cook a home cooked meal and a nice gift for my x-husbnad for being so kind as to take us in. I mean in all honesty he could just take our daughter and say screw you but he his not and I am Thankful for that. I would do so much with $500 including donating to those less fortunate then myself. Whenever you think you have it the worst just remember there are people out there who have it worse and you really are the lucky one.
    Thank you for the chance to enter this contest.

  59. Wow…. Awesome Packages. I imagine it took you all day to compile the gift sets. Since I can only choose one I would go with the iPod PACKAGE. For Sure…. Thank you for the chance of winning.

  60. I’d love to get these gifts for the family.
    Sears item# 00649305000 Razor E300s Electric Seated Scooter for my son
    Sears item# 05289042000 Hooked on French for my daughter
    Sears item #00398503000 Nikon Nikon Coolpix Camera for my dear husband
    Thanks for this great giveaway…and letting me “dream” for awhile!

  61. Sears item# 00859143000 is a kitchen cart that I would like for $299.
    Thank you for the fantastic contest!

  62. Brother High-Performance Business Class Laser Fax, IntelliFAX®-4750e
    Sears item #00338214000
    Mfr. model #IntelliFax-4750e is what I want

  63. I woudl LOVE this for Christmas
    Brother Limited Edition Project Runway PC210PRW Electronic sewing machine
    Sears item# 02094040000 Mfr. model# PC210PRW for $399

  64. My kids are asking Santa for the Playstation 3 Bundle
    I would really love to win them one. Thank you for a chance to win one.

  65. the sony playstation. i’ve wanted one for awhile and have asked for 1 for xmas the last 2 years, but my husband never takes me seriously.

  66. Sears item #05733727000 Audiovox Prestige Remote Start $89.99
    Sears item# 05771318000 – 32 in. (Diagonal) Class LCD Integrated HDTV (720p) on sale for $399

    I would love to have the The “Electronics for Your Car” Pack

  67. Would love to win The Playstation 3 Pack for my hubby. As for the $500 , I would use it towards shoes for the kids. My daughter would have these two: Rachel Sunflower – White, Pink Sears item # 03605144516 and TKS Girls Cara – Black Sears item # 03620084516. My son would get this one: Skechers Boys Police – Black/Silver Sears item # 03682460522

    With the little bit left over I would get these shoes for hubby: Wonderlite Watson – Black
    Sears item # 06777398668

  68. First and foremost, this is really the softer side of Sears. What a wonderful giveaway.

    I would love to win the car package for my hubby — who is on the road too much.

    Thanks, and happy holidays.

  69. Very noble of Sears to be doing what they are doing. I don’t shop there too often, to be honest. My husband loves Sears, and we do buy some major appliances there. If I had $500 to spend, I would use it for my sister and her two kids who need it.
    I would get my sister a gift card to buy some clothing for herself. $200
    Disney Princess Pix Click Digital Camera – Item #05723188000 $39.99
    GeoAir High Flyin’ Airport-Item# 05201221000 $49.99
    Crayola Crayola DoodleMat – Alphabet with Animals- Item# 05297712000 $29.99
    Rescue Pets: Wake-Me-Up Mutt -Item# 05286650000 $34.99
    Rescue Pets: Wake-Me-Up Chocolate Lab – Item# 05286651000 $34.99
    Dora The Explorer Girl’s Brushed Microfleece Jacket with Mittens – Item# 077S5358000 $24.00 on sale
    Protection System Boy’s Hooded Bubble Jacket – Item# 040SM092000 $25.00 onsale
    Thank you for the generous contest!

  70. would have to say after buying for everyone else to make their christmas happy… I would like something for me… so the car electronics set for me :) I could really really really use the gps! haha

    as for sears…
    00899457000 a new desk
    00859787000 bookshelf that i need.
    that is only about $250… guess i could throw gps into that list too… but i never ask for much.

  71. Sears item# 05791318000 ipod touch is what I would like to buy if I had the dough. as well as Sears item #00331011000 language translator…how cool would that be??? thanks for the chance.

  72. I tweeted for the iPod pack. Also, would love to have the following items from Sears:

    1. Sears item# 00338416000 Mfr. model# DSC-W120 Sony 7.2MP Digital Camera
    2. Sears item #00680791000
    * Mfr. model #73720-9 Kawasaki KX20G Girls X 20″ MTB

  73. I would put it toward a digital photo frame for my grandfather.
    Sears item #00399117000
    Mfr. model #DPF080-LL

  74. I would buy a digital home theater

    Panasonic 5-Disc DVD Home Theater System, 1000W

    Sears item# 05798318000 Mfr. model# SC-PT660

  75. The Singer Confidence Sewing Machine
    Sears item# 02094077000 Mfr. model# 7470.CL would be my wish. I have been saving fabric to make novelty pillows to sell but I don’t have a good sewing maching yet. Great Giveaway!!!!

  76. If I were to win…I would love a new camcorder! JVC 30GB DIGITAL CAMCORDER with DOCKING STATION Sears item# 00390297000 Mfr. model# GZMG335HUS $474.99

  77. Okay this is going to be fun:

    -Conair Infiniti Tourmaline Ceramic 1-1/2″ Cord/Cordless Straightener
    Sears item # 00823372000
    -Kodak KOD 1537893 Easyshare M893IS Digital Camera Red 8.1MP, 3X OPT, HD, Image Stabi Sears item # 00338466000 Mfr.model # 1537893
    -Darling Diamonds Crown with Diamond Accent Stud Earrings. Sterling Silver
    Sears item # 0446334500
    -Darling Diamonds Polished Heart Pendant with Diamond Accent. Sterling Silver
    Sears item # 04463341000 Mfr.model # CSN030502
    -Wii,Mario Kart & Wii WheelSears item # 05892346000 Mfr.model # WII RVL R RMCE
    -Vera Wang Eau De Perfume 1.7 oz. Spray
    Sears item # 07467475000
    -Southpole Juniors Active Short
    Sears item # 00238566058
    -Tempted Banded Bottom ITY Dress
    Sears item # 00296559059

  78. Thanks for this contest!! Merry Christmas!! This is a tough Christmas for my family, and I just hope that the new year brings good things for all!!

    The Dyson DC-17 Animal Vacuum
    Item # 02036517000

  79. My family could really use a new vacuum. Our fur-babies make it hard to keep the carpets clean and we can’t afford a vacuum. Thanks!

    The Dyson DC-17 Animal Vacuum
    Item # 02036517000

  80. Thank you for this wonderful contest!! We really need a good vacuum that won’t lose suction!! Merry Christmas!!

    The Dyson DC-17 Animal Vacuum
    Item # 02036517000

  81. Great contest from Sears.
    Elmo Live – Sears item# 05201316000
    Hohner Student Classical Guitar – Sears item# 05287113000
    Fisher-Price Digital Arts & Crafts Studio – Sears item# 05236834000
    Fisher-Price Smart Cycle – Sears item# 05236908000
    Hooked on English – Sears item# 05289043000

  82. I would like the following item if I won the $500 Sears gift card:

    Samsung 32 in (Diagonal) Class LCD Integrated HDTV (720p) – $499.99 – Sears item#05771033000

  83. LeapFrog: Leapster2 – Green
    Sears item# 05213075000 Mfr. model# 715626

    Peg Perego Peg-Perego – Ducati Monster Motorcycle
    Sears item# 05280723000 Mfr. model# 740112 :)

  84. Sears Item Number #00398651000 Acer Celeron Dual Core AS5315-2580 2GB RAM 160HD Vista Home Prem 15.4

    I would get this for my hubby who despreately wants a laptop!

    Thanks for entering me! Great contest!

    Janna Johnson

  85. Great giveaway! I would buy the following:

    Wii,Guitar Hero 3 Wireless Guitar Sears item# 05892851000
    DS, Personal Trainer Cooking Sears item# 05890206000
    Panasonic 5-Disc DVD Home Theater System, 1000W Sears item# 05798318000
    WII, Wii Speak(Street Date Of 11-16-08) Sears item # 05892611000
    WII, Tomb Raider:Underworld Sears item # 05892620000
    Wii,Retro Controller Sears item # 05892894000 (x2)

  86. 1 ct. tw.* 3 Row Diamond and 10K Yellow Gold Band Ring
    Sears item # 04420999070
    One big item for the entire GC but it’s very nice.

  87. I would get the Sony PLAYSTATION 3 160GB Uncharted Drakes Fortune Bundle
    Sears item# 05896009000…
    Don’t know much about the game, but the 160GB ps3 is a definite

  88. I would love to give this to my daughter: Sony DVD Camcorder, Handycam®
    Sears item# 00356038000 Mfr. model# DCR-DVD610

  89. I’d love the The “Electronics for Your Car” Pack.

    sears item: Sony AM/FM Clock Radio with iPod Dock, Black
    Sears item # 05792007000 Mfr.model # ICF-C1IPBLACK

  90. JVC 30GB Hard Disk Drive Camcorder, Everio
    Sears item# 00356148000
    That’s probably what i’d get if I had 500 to spend at Sears. Need a new Video camera and
    this one looks like a good deal.

    I’d love The Playstation 3 Pack: that would make my Boys and Husband extremely happy!

  91. South Shore TV Stand, Sears item# 00895448000 ($131.99), Office Star Wood Bankers Desk Chair, item #00894988000 ($189.99), Hewlett-Packard HP Deskjet D4360 Printer, item #00398974000 ($49.99).

  92. I would get this for my kids.

    Microsoft Xbox 360 Elite 120GB Bundle

    item #05891057000

    Thanks for the chance to win!!

  93. I have to say that Sears and Grant a Wish sound like they are really giving back… I think that they are showing the true spirit of Christmas by giving initially to you, and then giving to you so that you can pay it forward to give to one of your readers. It is always so fullfilling to give /share especially with those who appreciate it, need it, or deserve it. I am sure you will be blessed.
    I wanted to say that if I could “wish” for something this Christmas it would not be something “monetary” that could be bought in stores. Unfortunately, we are having a really tough few years in my family ( ie: medical, money, etc..) … I do not typically splurge on things for myself since priorities, and my kids come first. So, just the question ” What would you buy/want?” sounds foreign.
    However, I would LOVE… LOVE… LOVE… the Ipod pack you are giving away. I do not have an IPOD and would love the ability to escape reality( at least for a few min) through the music…
    The Apple iPod pack would be a great wish come true this season.
    PS: Have a great Holiday! Enjoy your time with your family because life is short….

  94. I am a Hospice social worker. Today I made an initial visit to see my patient who is a dad of 3 boys….ages 16, 14, and 13 and one 2 year old grandson who lives in the home. Their mother works hard to keep things going and the boys try to help as much as they can. The home is kept clean with obvious respect for what the family does have.
    An artificial tree is sitting in the corner of the chilled room with no decorations or gifts under it. Mom has enough to keep the kids clothed and fed….barely. She tearfully admits that she is unable to make the budget stretch far enough to buy gifts but that “it will be ok….the boys understand.”
    There are few complaints in this home….no begging….no govenmental aid….no manipulation….no suggestions for me to sent this request.
    Oh how I wish my patient could have been placed on services weeks ago so that I might have been able to access community resources for gifts…..which are now all dried up with Christmas being so close.
    We are hoping dad will live to see Christmas….brain cancer may be taking his life but he will still be daddy and pa pa to 4 precious children…until his last breath. I know that there are millions of “sad stories” out there but this one is real to me and I am grasping to find something, anything I can to bring just a little cheer to the home.
    What a wonderful image I have in my mind seeing the boys at their father’s bedside opening The Playstation 3 Pack you offer …….with dad gleaming and proud that someone really does care about the family he does not want to leave behind but must. Thank You….My biggest wish is that God Blesses You 100 Fold for your love for your neighbor.

  95. My Sears wish list would be the JVC 30GB DIGITAL CAMCORDER with DOCKING STATION item# 00390297000 .

    I’d like to enter for the iPod Pak. Thanks!

  96. If I won, I’d buy KitchenAid Artisanâ„¢ Series 5 Quart Stand Mixer, Onyx Black
    Sears item# 00847915000 Mfr. model# KSM150PSOB

  97. If I win this, I’d buy the Sharp stainless steel countertop microwave (item # 02071273000). I currently don’t have a microwave and it’s torture!

  98. I would love the Ipod pack. I’ve always wanted one!

    Apple 120GB iPod® Classic Digital Media Player – Silver
    Sears item# 05791322000

  99. I know how hard things are, here in Michigan it feels like we are getting rained on with a horrible economy. People losing jobs left and right. But I suppose the one bright spot in that mess is that we are also re-learning how to truly be thankful for what we have. Family, friends, health, a roof over our heads, food in our belly. It’s not always about how many gifts are under the tree or who spent more on who.

    That being said, item # 04988352000 would be a great addition to our house. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway and have a happy & safe Holiday season.

  100. I’d like the car pack if I win.

    I’d like to get item # 00937204000, Craftsman 204 pc. Mechanics Tool Set
    and items #00962027000 and 00962026000, tool boxes to put them in.

  101. I chose a laptop since my computer is ancient Sears item #00398651000. It’s cool they have one under $500. Since there’s no pack with a refrigerator, washer/dryer or range, I’d love the Ipod pack! :)

  102. If I had $500 to spend I’d get:

    09671796708 — I have no heat in my bedroom, so it woudl be great to have a warming blanket

    00805821000 – our dining room table is ancient and not very nice and this is really beautiful

    00871119000 — I think a magic bullet blender would be SO handy

    And I have a number of friends expecting their first child so:

    04911030000 — a baby monitor would be a welcome shower gift

    04988515000 — what new parents don’t need a high chair?

  103. Acer Celeron Dual Core AS5315-2580 2GB RAM 160HD Vista Home Prem 15.4

    Sears item #00398651000
    Mfr. model #LX.ALC0X.072

  104. 1) Apple iPod 8gb Touch – 05791318000,
    2) Seiko watch – 044426
    3) Element 32 in. (Diagonal) Class LCD Integrated HDTV (720p)
    Sears item# 05771318000

  105. Let me try this again. Sears Item Number 05896009000 Sony PLAYSTATION 3 160GB Uncharted Drakes Fortune Bundle

  106. Toshiba Portege A605-P201 12.1 in Laptop
    Sears item# 00399347000 Mfr. model# PPA60U-00L01C

    * In stock – Standard ground shipping only.

  107. My next package would be:
    Sears Item Number -05896008000 Sony PLAYSTATION®3 80GB Console
    Sears Item Number-05896379000 PS3, Call Of Duty:World At War on sale
    and Sears item# 05896848000 Sony DUALSHOCK®3 Wireless Controller for PLAYSTATION®3

  108. Since my first post didn’t count since I made a mistake and hit return I get a do over here and my choice would be Sears item# 00399563000-Compaq SR5550F-E Presario Desktop PC

  109. I would like to win the Playstation 3 Pack.

    The items I would buy from Sears would be:

    Sony Tunerless DVD Recorder/VCR Combo w/ 1080p Upconversion
    Sears item# 05757498000 Mfr. model# RDR-VX56 $199.99
    Panasonic 5-Disc DVD Home Theater System, 1000W
    Sears item# 05798318000 Mfr. model# SC-PT660 $249.99


  110. If I had the $500 g.c. to make up my own “bundle” I would buy the Nikon D60 (which is on sale right now). I would love to set up a small home photography set up so that I can do newborn pics for the local pregnancy crisis center and for my family and friends! Many parents can’t even afford the smallest package of photos for their newborns and it is hard to imagine not having those first precious shots so that is what I would use it for :). My dream is to eventually do photography for a living, but doing it because I love it is number 1 on my list…the number is Sears item# 00353118000 Mfr. model# D60 / 25438
    Thanks so much for the chance to maybe realize a little bit of that dream!

  111. Biscuit or Bisque Hotpoint 30 in. Freestanding Electric Range

    Sears item #02263364000
    Mfr. model #RB757


    misfitmookie at gmail.com

  112. With $500 to spend at Sears, I’d select the Sony Handycam camcorder (item #00356058000) for $299.88 and Apple 16GB iPod Nano in silver (item #05791309000) for $199.99.

    All the packages you put together look fantastic — thanks for the giveaway!

  113. Easy choice for me. I would choose the Black Whirlpool 30″ Cooktop for my mom. She needs a new stove. Thanks for the contest.

    # Sears item #02223919000
    # Mfr. model #RCC3024R

  114. AFter losing electricity for 6 days this week, on the top of my list is this;

    Briggs & Stratton 2000 watt Generator -Sears item #07132516000

  115. I would pick the PS3 Pack, the whole family could have fun together. and I would buy the Sunbeam 12 speed mixer Sears item # 00866450000 for my mother in law, hers just died, and I would buy me a new pair of slippers Dearfoams suede slippers Sears item # 07511235004 for starters, then I would have to get the rest of the family presents also.

  116. I loved the PS3 prize pack (so would my husband). I could not even begin to tell you what I would buy at sears with $500.. Clothes, some toys and I would pick up things for the kids at the Manor Foundation or one of our local angel trees.

  117. I would use the Sears gift card to buy:

    Acer Celeron Dual Core AS5315-2580 2GB RAM 160HD Vista Home Prem 15.4
    Sears item# 00398651000 — $499.99

    Although the Playstation 3 Pack you put together would be a close second and my choice if I won. Thanks to you and to Sears!

  118. Easy choice for me. My computer is hanging on for dear life.

    I’d choose the Hewlett-Packard HP PavilionA6519FH-E Desktop PC
    Sears item #00399559000

    Thanks for hosting a great giveaway.

  119. I would buy the Black Kenmore 30 in. Electric Self-Clean Freestanding Range
    Sears item# 02296129000 Mfr. model# 96129. I need a new badly. Mine is 20 years old.
    I would choose the “Electronics for Your Car” Pack. Thank you and Sears for this great giveaway!

    braaisjo at gmail dot com

  120. If I had $500 to spend at Sears I would get:
    Yukon Express Construction Site; Sears item# 05295622000 $69.99
    Wizard Of Oz Dress Up Trunk; Sears item# 05290891000 $229.99
    LEGO Police Headquarters; Sears item# 05290414000 $94.99
    Wii, Dora The Explorer Dora Saves The Snow Princess; Sears item# 05892547000 $39.99
    WII, Castlevania:Judgment; Sears item# 05892603000 $49.99

  121. Thanks for the chance!

    I’d get the Harmony 1000 Universal touch screen remote:
    Sears # 05782000000 for $499.99. I have so many remotes I need three too make everything work, having one would be so much easier.
    If I win, I’d love the PS3 pack.

  122. Sears item# 00370303000 $129.99

    Sears item# 00859143000 $299.

    I would love the The Playstation 3 Pack

    :) Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! :)

  123. Mio Moov 200 Portable GPS Navigator w/ 3.5 in. Touchscreen Display
    Sears item# 05710010000 Mfr. model# MIO MOOV 200 $99.99

    Sony DVD Camcorder, Handycam®
    Sears item# 00356038000 Mfr. model# DCR-DVD610 $269.99

  124. Burberry 1.0 oz Eau de Parfum
    Sears item# 07468435000

    Juicy Couture .17 Oz Collectible Eau De Perfume
    Sears item# 07468509000

    txhottie_86 at yahoo dot com

  125. I would buy a new Brother Wifi printer

    Brother 7-In-1 Color Inkjet Multi-Function Center® with 5.8GHz Cordless Handset
    Sears item# 00365081000 Mfr. model# MFC 885CW $249

    The remainder of the money I would let DH pick what he would like.

    Thanks for a great giveaway.

  126. I would pick the IPOD pack. I feel like I am one of the few “grownups” who doesn’t have one. LOL!

  127. I would buy either the items on Prize Package #1 OR a Black Kenmore 30 in. Electric Self-Clean Freestanding Range Sears item# 02296129000 $475.99

  128. Oh my… if I were to win, what would I buy with $500 at Sears?

    Well, first off, I’d buy my dear little brother a ping-pong table, priced at $99.99 (Sears item# 0062604300). We bonded a lot over this game as little ones, and I know he’s always wanted one of his own.
    Next, I’d buy myself an iPod Touch. Yes, I know, splurge on myself, why don’t I? But hey, my birthday is in a few weeks. And I still regret not getting to fully celebrate my “sweet” 16th. (Sears item# 05791318000) $229.99.
    For my mother, I’d get a digital camcorder that could fit into her purse easily, priced at $169.99 (Sears item# 00390067000). She personally isn’t a technology fan, but I know there are moments she wishes she could catch on video!

    Thanks for this opportunity, and happy holidays!

  129. i’d like the ps3/fallout3;

    Element 32 in. (Diagonal) Class LCD Integrated HDTV (720p)
    Sears item# 05771318000 Mfr. model# ELCHS321

  130. Playstation 3 Pack entry. $500 to spend, eh? First the Element 2GB MP3 Player w/ Video, Sears item# 05710060000, for my brother who has been wanting an MP3 player. Then a Sylvania Blu-ray Disc Player, Sears item #05757758000, for my dad so he can see what the picture on his new HD TV is supposed to look like. Thank you for the great give-away.

  131. The Wii for hubby & I to lose the pounds we’ve put on… the new cookware the prepare healthy meals, and the breadmaker, well, I just love bread!
    05892940000 – Wii Fit Entertainment Pack
    00896685000 – Gourmet Distinctions Gourmet Distinctions Stainless Steel 10 Piece Set
    00880750000 – Zojirushi Home Bakery Supreme Breadmaker

  132. We love Sears! They carry great quality products and stand behind what they sell. They have outstanding Customer Service. This company just keeps giving and giving, this why I support them with my business – they are a company I can stand behind. I choose The Playstation 3 Pack

  133. Wish I would have waited to buy my oven, but I couldnt ours went out so this is what i bought !! Sears item# 02247783000 Mfr. model# 47783

  134. Simple wish list for my grandkids.
    LeapFrog: Leapster2 – Green
    Sears item# 05213075000 Mfr. model# 715626

    For my daughter, item# 00370303000 Lexmark Lex X4550 All In One Printer Wireless $129.99
    I would love the Playstation 3 prize pack. Thank you and Merry christmas.

  135. I’d choose the iPod pack if I won. As far as shopping, there are some family friends who could really use new clothing this winter. I’d probably buy about 6 pair of Levi’s 517 Boot Cut Jeans, #04149003303; and several Dockers Chest Stripe 1/4 Zip Sweater, #04170926003; several pair of shoes (size/style/number unknown); and a Nintendo Wii – Fun Bundle, #05892006000 for my own grandchildren.

  136. I would buy the following items, to donate as prizes for the tricky tray auction we’re having in the spring, to benefit our local animal shelter:

    Apple 120GB iPod® Classic – Sears item #05791321000
    Canon 10.0MP Digital Camera PowerShot SD790 IS – Sears item #00353472000

  137. I’d get:
    Sears item# 00625727000 Halex 9ft Shuffleboard Game 249.99
    Sears item# 00917765000 Craftsman 12-gal 5.0 peak hp Wet/Dry Vac 49.99
    Sears item# 00859004000 Home Styles Dining Table 179.99

    And I’d choose the ipod pack if I won!

  138. I love to shop at Sears! My Sears wishlist is full of items my husband and I need for our beautiful 5 month old daughter. They are by no means luxury items, but necessities. We also have 2 other young children so here it goes:
    1. Graco Meal Timeâ„¢ Highchair, Annabelle
    Sears item# 04988740000 Mfr. model# 749621001101-7

    2. Stroller and Carseat Eddie Bauer Adventure Travel System
    Sears item# 04910230000 Mfr. model# 01773BYTE

    3. Vintage Estate 3-in-1 Sleigh Crib
    Sears item# 04988045000 Mfr. model# DASE5009

    These 3 items alone total about $500, maybe a touch more which we can pay the difference.

    Of your 3 Prize Packs, all of which BTW are amazing and you obviously put a lot of thought into creating each one, my first choice is the The “Electronics for Your Car” Pack. This would be such a wonderful surprise for my husband who is on the road quite a bit for his job and he doesn’t own a single car gadget that would make his life easier and less stressful. Each item in this prize is something that would rock his world, and wouldn’t I just love a chance to do that!

    Lastly, I just subscribed to receive your updates via email. I am really looking forward to receiving them! Thank you so much for the opportunity to enter!

  139. If I won, I’d pick the PlayStation3 Pack..
    If I had $500 to spend at Sears, I’d buy:
    Element 32 in. (Diagonal) Class LCD Integrated HDTV (720p)
    Sears item# 05771318000 Mfr. model# ELCHS321
    I really need a new TV
    Thanks, and Happy Holidays!!!

  140. Schwinn 130 Upright Bike #00623712000 $349.99
    Pacific 26in Womens Stratus Bike #00610799000 $89.99
    Teaposy Dream Gift Set #00896801000 $55.99

  141. Panasonic 50 in. (Diagonal) Class Plasma Full HD (1080p) Television, VIERA
    Sears item# 05775558000 Mfr. model# TH-50PZ80U

  142. If I won I’d like the Playstation 3 pack.

    My Sears wish list:
    Sears item #00399116000- digital photo viewer
    Sears item #00398992000-digital picture frame keychain
    Sears item #00398590000-Tricod 15in Rosewood digital photo frame
    Sears item #01490416000-Heys USA SKYLITE 3 PC. SET -luggage

    Thanks for the great contest and Happy Holidays to you and your family.

  143. I would choose item #05757438000 (Blu-ray disc player) for my husband and item# 05790712000 (turntable) for both of us.

  144. I would be so grateful to win a Sears Gift Card. I put together my own package I’d love to win – a Garden Makeover! Spring would be so awesome with these great products.

    Suncast 73 gal. Outdoor Storage Box
    Sears item# 07165029000 Mfr. model# DB7000W
    Suncast Vertical Storage Shed
    Sears item# 07169295000 Mfr. model# GS1250B
    LeisureLife Stainless Steel Firepit
    Sears item# 07122986000 Mfr. model# FT-228P-SM-SS-LIDS-30
    Craftsman 16 in. Drain Spade
    Sears item# 07183502000 Mfr. model# 270030066
    Craftsman Spading Fork w/Fiberglass Handle
    Sears item# 07183504000 Mfr. model# 5000500
    Craftsman Heavy Duty Action Hoe
    Sears item# 07183642000 Mfr. model# 83642
    Fiskars PowerGear Bypass Pruner
    Sears item# 07176009000 Mfr. model# FIS7937
    Link-Ups Obelisk 7.5 ft. with 3 Baskets
    Sears item# 01299672000 Mfr. model# L80 932
    Orbit 50 FT Coil Hose with Nozzle-Blue
    Sears item# 07176164000 Mfr. model# 27891
    Orbit 50 FT Coil Hose with Nozzle-Green
    Sears item# 07176163000 Mfr. model# 27872

    Thanks for the great giveaway. Hope to win.

  145. Since I’m always getting a lost, a navigation system, Sears item# 05710023000, Garmin NUVI, 189.99.
    also a Soni blu-ray disc player, Sears item# 05757438000, $249.99
    the game Stratego, Sears item# 05294766000, $14.99

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  146. I would like the car pack.

    For Sears, I would like the Stainless Steel Kenmore 4.6 cu. ft. Compact Refrigerator
    Sears item# 04694673000 $159.99
    a Zojirushi Home Bakery Supreme Breadmaker Sears item #00880750000 $206.99
    a Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Coffeemaker, BrewStation® Plus Sears item# 00849084000 $58.49
    and a Chef’s Choice Cordless Electric Kettle Sears item# 00869970000 $56.69
    for a grand total of $482.16, not including tax.

  147. There is one Sears item I’m dreaming of this Christmas and $500 would be *JUST* enough to cover it:
    NordicTrack Elliptical, ASR 630
    Sears Item# 00623765000

    Thanks and Happy Holidays to you!

  148. I would buy Sears item #07107326000 (All Power America Generator) because with the wicked winter storm we’ve been having for the past week, this could keep my family warm in an emergency.

    Please enter me in the iPod giveaway. Thanks so much!

  149. Sears item# 00625736000 – Harvard Arcaed Roll-a-score for the grandkids to use when they are here. They have outgrown dress up clothes.

    Sears item# 05710013000 tomtom GPS – I recently moved to a small town and a lost all the time now.

  150. I would buy the Craftsman 40 in. 8 Drawer Ball-Bearing Tool Chest, Midnight Blue

    * Sears item #00959168000
    * Mfr. model #59168

  151. I would love the Electronics for Your Car pack since I like taking road trips, and the GPS will keep me going where I need to go!

    While at Sears, I also enjoy shopping the Lands’ End section since I love those beautiful, well made clothes that warm this preppie’s heart!


  152. If I had 500.00 to spend at Sears, these are the items I’d purchase:
    1. This bike would be for the hubby and I; http://www.sears.com/shc/s/p_10153_12605_00621521000P?mv=cf&vName=Fitness+%26+Sports&cName=Cycles%2C+Steppers%2C+%26+Specialty+Machines
    2. This wou be for the whole family since the one we have is pretty much dead: http://www.sears.com/shc/s/p_10153_12605_00353269000P?vName=Computers+%26+Electronics&cName=Cameras+%26+Camcorders&sName=Digital+Cameras+%26+Bundles
    3. For the girls (age 5 & 7) : http://www.sears.com/shc/s/p_10153_12605_05213075000P?mv=rr X2
    4 And for the son (15): http://www.sears.com/shc/s/p_10153_12605_05891461000P

    Thanks so very much for the giveaway…this was fun wishful thinking :)

  153. If I had $500 to spend at Sears, I would buy this:
    Samsung Single-Disc, 6-Speaker Home Theater System, 1000W
    Sears item# 05798658000 Mfr. model# HT-Z310

    Thanks and Happy Holidays!

  154. My husband had rotator cuff surgery on both shoulders so I would buy the Craftsman 179cc 4 cycle Single Stage Snow Thrower with Electric Start

    Sears item #07188705000
    Mfr. model #88705
    User Rating: 5 ratings
    for ME since I’ve been doing the shoveling. I had surgery 2 and 1/2 years ago-postmastectomy reconstruciton using my back muscles sothis would be so helpful.

  155. I’d go with the Xbox 360 Elite bundle (item #05891057000) and the Guitar Hero Aersomith pack ( item #05891401000). time to rock out! thx!

  156. I’d go for the PS3 pack for the prize.

    As for what I’d spend $500 on at Sears, I would start at getting a new iPod Touch for me Apple 32GB iPod® Touch Digital Media Player – Black – Sears item #05791320000
    That frees up an iPod and Zune for my daughters to use, a three for one upgrade.

    Then to round up to $500, I’d add a digital camera for the family.
    Sony 7.2MP Digital Camera, S750 – Silver – Sears item #00338412000
    We are always breaking our digital cameras.

  157. I think the playstation 3 pack would be great. my kids are grown up now and moved out and i miss getting to play the video games with them. it would be fun to have a game set up here around the house so that when they come home for a visit we could plop down in beanbags in front of the tv and have a blast with the video games like we used to when they were little.

    although now i think i would probably have a harder time getting out of a beanbag then i did then! LOL!

  158. Sears item #00888595000 Kalorik 10 Cup Coffee Maker with Grinder for Kyra Lyra Lyra – middle daughter since she’s even more of a coffee nut than the rest of us.
    Sears item #00897715000 Hamilton Beach Stay or Go” 6 Quart Slow Cooker since mine is cooking cold any more and last time we brought it somewhere my apparently hungry car got more than we did.
    Sears item# 00809581000 Mfr. model# 5707 Kenmore 10 pc. Stainless Steel with Copper Band Cookware Set cuz we really could use a great set.

  159. I am in need of luggage so one of the items i would buy would be this:

    American Tourister Valencia 3 Piece Luggage Set – Black
    Sears item# 01497007000 Mfr. model# 97007


  160. My wishes would include:
    Guitar Hero World Tour Band bundle for Wii item #05892898000 and 16GB Apple ipod Touch item #05791319000. To choose from your packages, I would choose the ipod pack.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  161. I would choose 05896009000 Playstation 3, my son wanted this for Christmas but I could not pull it off.
    Thank you and Happy Holidays!

  162. I would like to win the ipod pack…that’s awesome! THANKS!
    If I could pick something specific I would pick this activity center for my new nephew scheduled to arrive in Feb.
    I would buy this activity center for my new nephew scheduled to arrive in Feb. THANKS!
    Sears item# 04910217000

  163. I would put the money toward the ProForm XP CrossWalk® 580
    Sears item# 00624865000 Mfr. model# 24865.

  164. What an awesome idea! This year has been a very difficult one for my husband and I and he has been amazing through my hospital stays and taking care of our newborn when I couldn’t. I can’t imagine what he has gone through. This year we were not able to exchange gifts with each other because of my reducing my hours at work. I would love to be able to get him a tool box that he has wanted for a long time and the XBox 360. The sku number is Craftsman 5 Drawer Tool Center w/Riser and Panel – Platinum and Black
    Sears item# 00959318000 Mfr. model# 59318

    Thank you and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  165. Sale stuff, hope it still counts at drawing time:

    Harvard Convertible 3 in 1 Multi Game Table
    Sears item# 00625078000 Mfr. model# G05643F $249.99

    Halex 9ft Shuffleboard Game
    Sears item# 00625727000 Mfr. model# 63560 $249.99

  166. The Playstation 3 pack would be my choice.
    I would buy Sears item #05297854000 – Wow Wee Rovio Wi-Fi Enabled Robotic WebCam
    Great Giveaway! Thanks, and happy holidays.

  167. I was soooo hoping that one of my kids would ask for Guitar Hero for christmas because I really wanted to try one out, but no luck…. so my first item would be Sears item #05892384000 Guitar Hero Aerosmith Bundle for Wii (89.99). Then of course I would need a great TV to go with it so I would add the Sears item# 05771878000 Proscan Television. Thanks and Merry Christmas!

  168. I would get the White Amana 24 in. Built-In Dishwasher with Tri-Wash System
    * Sears item #02214842000 since my dishwasher died a few months ago and I would really like a new one!

  169. My wish would be 0579772400 , a flat screen for the bedroom! And the package I would like is the PS3(DS askedfor it for Christmas and we cant get him one. Dont know how to Twitter and I dont have a blog so I only get one entry! Thanks to you and Sears for the fabulous giveaway!

  170. I would buy the ipod pack. I have a teenage daughter who has a nice new ipod, but I am stuck using a 4 year old mp3 player… I need an update.

  171. I need a battery for my gracefully aging truck.. how fun.Sears item# 02830051000 $69.99

    Then if I’m just dreaming, the Playstation 3 for the kids. Sears item# 05896008000 $399.99

  172. I love to shop at Sears! Thanks for this great giveaway. I would personally like to win the i Pod Pack but my family would love the Playstation 3 Pack. Either would be great! At Sears I would like #05730719000 the GPS, ONE 125 Portable GPS Navigation Device. I also like the Wii Fit Entertainment Pack #05892940000. Thanks!

  173. #05898015000 PSP for the kids, #00953560000 garage door opener for me, #00944101000 stubby wrenches for hubby. If I win, I would like the i Pod pack. Thanks!

  174. I’d buy a new television. Thanks!
    Sansui 22 in. (Diagonal) Class Widescreen LCD HDTV w/ Built-In DVD Player
    Sears item# 05797723000

  175. I would love to win the great iPod Pack. Here’s my Sears wish list:

    Sony 8.1MP Digital Camera, S780 $179.99
    Item #00343099000
    Delonghi Retro Panini Maker $100.80
    Item# 00862083000
    Globalinx Tropical cedar adirondack chair 2 @ $79.99 = 159.98
    Item# 07107722000
    Farberware 2 qt. Classic Stainless Steel Covered Saucepan w/Double Boiler Insert $35.99
    Item# 00855448000

    Thanks for the fantastic giveaway.


    PANASONIC DVD RECORDER 299.00 Sears item# 05757398000

    Reversible Omega Chain Necklace. 14K Yellow Gold and Sterling Silver Sears item# 04450429000 199.00


  177. this is my wishlist! Graco imonitorâ„¢ Digital Color Video Baby Monitor
    Sears item# 04922426000 Mfr. model# 2797DIG $179.99

    Lolita Lempicka Lolita Lempicka 2.5 Oz Eau De Toilette Spray For Women
    Sears item# 07464662000 Mfr. model# 418262

    Shermag Glider Rocker/Ottoman Combo – Chestnut with Galaxy Camel Fabric Cushion
    Sears item# 04988164000 Mfr. model# 37913CB.H4.1103


  178. My Wish List:
    For the Home:
    Stainless Steel Kenmore 24 in. Built-In Dishwasher with Ultra Wash&174; System Sears item# 02213593000 Mfr. model# 13593 $339.99

    For My Hardworking Hubby:
    Carhartt Sandstone Duck Active Jacket
    Sears item # 04116215019 Mfr.model # A0098 $82.49

    For Each of My Teenagers (so they will stop taking mine..lolol)
    Micro Raschel Solid Throw
    Sears item # 09674719000 Mfr.model # B8111 5 @ 7.99 = $45.00

    For Donation to the Women’s Shelter
    In Vain Corduroy Long Swing Jacket
    Sears item # 00297005059 Mfr.model # A4101 $24.99

    Grand Total: $492.47

  179. Samsung Single-Disc, 6-Speaker Home Theater System, 1000W
    Sears item# 05798658000 Mfr. model# HT-Z310

    need for the new tv. a bose would be nice

  180. All 3 are great prize packs! Um, decisions, decisions, decisions………..! But, because my household is full of gaming fanatics (myself included), I think I’ll go with ‘The Playstation 3 Package’! My entire family would be thrilled to win such an ‘awesome’ bundle of joy! Thanks for the ‘incredible’ giveaway and Happy Holidays!

  181. i choose what id get for my son if i had to choose, thanks

    Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games
    Sears item #05895780000
    Master Of Illusion
    Sears item #05895759000
    NDS,Puzzle de Harvest Moon
    Sears item# 05895738000
    Nintendo Metallic Rose Ds Lite
    Sears item #05893024000

  182. If I win I would love the playstation 3 for my husband ,and from Sears I would love item #05791320000 for my daughter

  183. Forget the kids !! Merry Christmas to Me!
    I want “the electronics for my car”.
    #05730719000 GPS
    #05730431000 Car Starter
    #00333136000 Bluetooth
    Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  184. I would love the iPod Pack.

    Samsung 22 in. (Diagonal) Class LCD Integrated HDTV (720p) Sears item# 05771018000
    for all to share.

  185. we really need a new dvd player so we can have our family movie nights, and a microwave becuase ours is about to blow up! please grant my wish!
    Sony DVD/VCR Combo Player with Progressive Scan
    Sears item# 05757467000 Mfr. model# SLV-D380P $99.99
    Stainless Steel w/Black Kenmore Elite 2.0 cu. ft. Countertop Microwave with Sensor Cooking Controls
    Sears item# 02066463000 Mfr. model# 66463

  186. If I had $500 to spend at Sears I’d pick up a Wii Fit (Sears item# 05892358000) and a purple iPod Nano (Sears item #05791311000) and a South Shore Double Dresser (Sears item# 00822385000). That would pretty much cover it, with a few bucks left over for warm socks!

  187. I would buy the Mirus Intel Atom 270, 10.2″, 1GB, 120GB, 802.11G, Webcam, 2.8lbs, Windows XP Home
    which has an item number of: 00398573000

  188. Sears item# 00625727000 Mfr. model# 63560
    Sears item# 05279461000 Mfr. model# 729513
    Sears item# 04910287000 Mfr. model# 44537

  189. This is a really cool thing that Sears is doing. I do marketing for a community theatre, so it’s really interesting to me to watch how Izea and their clients are using social media in new ways and really touching lives.

    If I’m a lucky winner, I choose the iPod pack. I have a nano and I love it, and I would use it even more if I had external speakers for it.

    What would I buy with $500 at Sears?
    For my mom, who bought a camera with no battery: Item# 00345190000
    For my husband, who’s wanted a router for years: Item #00990999000
    For the many sewing projects around the house: Item# 02018030000

    I tweeted: http://twitter.com/Auriette/status/1073682176

  190. What a cool giveaway! I’d love to win these for my family-
    Microsoft Xbox 360 Elite 120GB Bundle
    * Sears item #05891057000

    halo 3 for X-Box
    Sears item #05891161000

    Boom Blox for Wii
    Sears item# 05892354000

    Thanks and happy holidays.

  191. Very generous giveaway! It was fun to window shop and dream!

    daughter–Kamik Delancy – Brown
    Sears item# 05428507000
    dh–Citizen Mens Stainless Steel Watch with Black Dial and Link Band
    Sears item# 04449378000
    both girls–14 ft. Trampline with Enclosure
    Sears item# 05210076000

    Thank you!!

  192. Electronics for Your Car Pack: Tomtom GPS, Portable GPS Device , Audiovox Two Way Remote Car Starter, Motorola HF1000 Bluetooth Car Kit.

  193. With my $500 at Sears I would buy:

    1. Sony Blu-ray Discâ„¢ Player $249 ( save $50)
    2. Sony 8.1MP Digital Camera, W150 – Silver $149 (save $80)
    3. Case Logic Medium Camera Case $9.99
    4. Smartparts 7 in. (Diagonal) Digital Frame $39.99
    5. Craftsman 10 in. Electric Weedwacker® Line Trimmer/Edger, Cordless $49.99 (save $50)

    I would love to win the #1 pack–Apple 8GB iPod Touch, iHome 2.1 Channel Micro Bookshelf System for iPod , i.Sound 2-in-1 Rechargeable Backup Battery for iPhone, iPhone 3G and iPod.

  194. I would like to enter for The “Electronics for Your Car” Pack.

    $189.99 Sears item# 05891429000 Mfr. model# XB3 ELA 19156
    $69.99 Sears item# 05891444000, Mfr. model #XB3 UBI 59340
    $59.99 Sears item# 05891418000, Mfr. model #XB3 LUC 33276
    $59.99 Sears item# 05891474000, Mfr. model #XB3 ELA 15564
    $59.99 Sears item# 05891403000 Mfr. model# XB3 BET 12680
    Total: $439.95 before Tax

  195. Any of the prize packs would be great! Can I tell you how much fun I had imaginary shopping? I chose all the things I have always wanted but would only be luxuries. Here goes:

    Monterrey Salsa Maker/Mini-Chopper 500 Watt Smoothie/Margarita Maker and Quesadilla Maker #00888551000 $74.99
    Deni Vacuum Sealer #00862013000 $80.99
    Deni Meat Grinder #00870400000 $125.99
    Nesco American Harvest Square Dehydrator-700 Watts #00880806000 $80.99
    Wii Fit & Wii Balance Board #05892358000 $89.99
    Wii, Cabelas Legendary Adventures #05892528000 $39.99

    That was a blast!!!!

  196. My husband has been wanting an LCD so my wish is for him:
    Samsung 32 in. (Diagonal) Class LCD Integrated HDTV (720p)
    Sears item# 05771033000 Mfr. model# LN32A300J1DXZA

  197. If I had $500 to spend at Sears I’d buy:
    All Power America 3500W 6.5HP OHV Electric Generator with Mobility kit
    Sears item# 07107326000 Mfr. model# APG3002 $429.99

    My favorite of the packages you are giving away is the IPOD package…thank you

  198. Wow I wish for #05799959000 Creative Labs Zen (Looks so cool)
    And the little hot pink Apple 16GB iPod Nano #05791316000. Wish Wish Wish

  199. KitchenAid Custom Metallic Series 5 Quart Stand Mixer, Brushed Nickel
    Sears item# 00869222000 Mfr. model# KSM152PSNK

  200. PS3 would be so appreciated at this house!
    What to buy at Sears with $500?
    Harvard Convertible 3 in 1 Multi Game Table looks fun,
    Sears item# 00625078000 Mfr. model# G05643F

    Saddle 5 Piece Pub Set is actually needed really bad
    Sears item# 00810440000 Mfr. model# 10440
    some towels…..
    ~Merry Christmas to you all~

  201. Oh man, we would love to win the PS3!
    For me I would get a gas grill Sears item #07116110000
    For my 5 brothers I would get Wii fit Sears item #05892358000 and a ton of clothes.
    Thanks so much for the chance to win these awesome prizes!


  202. Apple 32GB iPod® Touch Digital Media Player – Black
    Sears item# 05791320000 Mfr. model# MB533LL/A $399.99

    Coby Electronics 7 in. Widescreen Digital Photo Frame
    Sears item# 00354720000 Mfr. model# DP-758 $49.99

    SanDisk SDâ„¢ Card (Standard SecureDigital) Blank Media, 2GB
    Sears item# 00337514000 Mfr. model# SDSDB-2048-A10 $12.99

  203. I’d love to win the iPod Pack. I’ve never had an iPod and want that iPod Touch so bad. Thanks for the contest. Have a happy holiday season.

  204. Sears item# 05290413000 Power House Experiments in Future Technics $169.99Sears item# 07107326000 Mfr. model# APG3002 $429.99

  205. We would love the following–Apple iPod Sears item# 05791320000 , mariocart for the wii Sears item #05892346000, and the wii indiana jones Sears item #05892364000

  206. I’d get item: 00889917000 which is a queen headboard, and 2 backless bar stools, 00859065000. Thanks for the contest!

  207. Great giveaway! I would love the ipod pack!
    500 bucks at sears… hmm I would start with
    Storkcraft Aspen Stages Crib With Drawer- Cognac
    Sears item# 04988303000 Mfr. model# 04588-32C
    And find some cute bedding there too!

  208. With $500 to spend at Sears I would buy the All Power America 3500W 6.5HP OHV Electric Generator with Mobility kit
    Sears item# 07107326000 Mfr. model# APG3002

  209. I would LOVE The Playstation 3 Pack.

    Sears item # 07651847564 Mfr.model # 11422 BKW
    Sears item # 03688400526 Mfr.model # 88400
    Sears item # 00329507000 Mfr. model # KX-TG1033S
    Sears item# 00322215000 Mfr. model# V3BLK
    Sears item# 07116110000 Mfr. model# 464810408

    Thank you for the great giveaway!!

  210. My Christmas Wish List From Sears
    NordicTrack Elliptical, ASR 630
    Sears item# 00623765000 Mfr. model# 23765
    $499.88 on sale!
    Thanks for the contest!

  211. We had an ice storm here and were without power for 8 days. When it cam back on my 52″ tv had blown up with the outage so my wishlist this year is a new tv. I love the Vizio 32 in. (Diagonal) Class LCD HDTV Sears item# 05771378000 Mfr. model# VW32LHDTV10A. That is definitely what I would buy. Thanks for the opportunity.

  212. Kenmore 608 sq. in. Total Cook Area Gas Grill – Red – Sears item #07116301000

    Citizen Mens Calendar Date Dress Watch with Champagne Dial and Goldtone Link Band – Sears item# 04414554000

    Craftsman 7-1/4 in. Sliding Compound Miter Saw – Sears item# 00921194000

  213. I could definitely use a new treadmill, especially after the holidays are over! So I’d use the Sears card to purchase the ProForm XP Weight Loss 620 Treadmill, Sears # 00624755000. Thanks!

  214. I would use the Sears ard to get a new coat, a camera and an mp3 player.

    Trilogi Faux Fur Trim Zip Walker – 01712416063
    Sony 4GB Walkman® MP3 Player – Red – 05721623000
    GE 10.1MP Digital Camera, A1030 – Red – 00352811000


  215. You know, I haven’t been to Sears in years until the opened a Sears express (or whatever they call it) down the road..i was impressed also..anywho on to your contest..I would love to have the Ipod pack, as my Ipod is currently serving overseas with my husband..

  216. I would love to buy a Samsung Single-Disc, 6-Speaker Home Theater System, 1000W
    Sears item# 05798658000 Mfr. model# HT-Z310

  217. I would love to win the Ipod Pack

    Here is my Sears Wishlist:
    10k gold Butterfly Pendant ##04470258000 for $99.00
    Multi Gemstone 7-1/4″ Bracelet. 10K Yellow Gold #04470156000 $129.00
    Multi Gemstone and Diamond Starburst Pendant. 10K #04470130000 $99.00
    Mixed Semi Precious Gem Heart Pendant. 10K #04470253000 $149.00

    Thanks for the contest

  218. #00398921000 A desktop computer package for my daughters to do their homework and play their Jumpstart games on.

  219. Thanks for the chance!
    I would pick the Cleansteelâ„¢ finish GE Appliances 24 in. Built-In Dishwasher
    Sears item# 02211008000 Mfr. model# GLD4450NCS $408.49
    since our dishwasher is grouaning with every load.

  220. The “Electronics for Your Car” Pack

    This would be great for my daughter, she calls for dirctions day and night (300am). Happy Halidays

  221. Of the above prize packs I would pick the Ipod package. If I could make my own prize package, I would include: Olympus 8.1MP Digital Camera, Stylus 850 SW item# 00353762000, then for my husband I would include Craftsman NEXTECâ„¢ Drill, Multi-Saw and Worklight Combo item# 00911890000 and Craftsman NEXTECâ„¢ 12 Volt Lithium-Ion Hammerhead Auto Hammer Craftsman NEXTECâ„¢ 12 Volt Lithium-Ion Hammerhead Auto Hammer.

  222. I would love to win the Playstation3 gfit pack. With a $500 sears card I would buy:
    Keurig Single-Cup Home Brewing System, item # 00833340000 for $99.
    SnowJoe 13 Amp Electric Snow Thrower -Sears item# 07107361000
    Thanks for the chance to win! Merry Christmas!

  223. This is what I would buy for my son.

    Mirus Educational, Intel Powered Classmate PC Designed for Kids, Edubuntu Edition
    Sears item# 00398571000 Mfr. model# SEACM9BU

    Nintendo Cobalt Blue DS Lite
    Sears item# 05893029000 Mfr. model# Cobalt Blue

    DS, Guitar Hero Decades Bundle (Street Date 11/16)
    Sears item# 05895840000 Mfr. model# NDS ACT 95539


  224. If I am shopping just for myself I would get the Sears item #07188705000 – a snow thrower $469.99

    Buying for others would take much more time to decide.

  225. Wow, $500 to spend at Sears. Some great shopping could be accomplished with that! Here’s what I would get:

    1.Emerson CDG Karaoke System iPod Compatible (for my kids)
    Sears item# 05722908000
    2.Apple 16GB iPod® Nano Digital Media Player – Black (for my husband)
    Sears item #05791310000
    3. Apple 16GB iPod® Nano Digital Media Player – Silver (being selfish, for me)
    Sears item# 05791309000

    Would love to win that iPod Pack! And I tweeted as Starshine3. Thanks to you for hosting this giveaway, and to Sears and Izea for sponsoring and all they do :) Happy Holidays!

  226. I would love to have a new washing machine. Mine just broke and it is over 14 years old. I just used up my Sears card on gifts for my family and will have to wait awhile to get a new one.

    Washing Machine Sears item #02629732000

  227. The Ipod pack would be just great!

    From sears I’d love to buy the Stainless Steel Kenmore 24 in. Built-In Dishwasher with Ultra Wash System Sears item# 02213593000
    and Stainless Steel Kenmore 30 in. Microhood Combination
    Sears item# 02280033000

  228. I’d choose Sears item# 05896008000 which is a Playstation 3 my husband wants one very much! So obviously if I am fortunate enough to win this, I would chose the PS3 Pack! Merry Christmas

  229. Great giveaway! I would love the “Electronics for Your Car” Pack. Thanks for having the contest and Happy Holidays to all!

  230. I would love to win the I Pod Pack. I would buy a Craftsman 179cc 4 cycle Single Stage Snow Thrower with Electric Start for my poor husband who has to shovel the driveway. this year we have had a lot of snow. he would love this.
    Happy Holidays to all.

  231. Our microwave just stopped working so I would probably choose the White GE Appliances 1.8 cu. ft. Countertop Microwave Oven, Sears item# 02073572000.
    I would also love to have the Sony eBook Digital Book Reader, Sears item# 00372493000. Thanks!

  232. Sears item #04616542000, as our old freezer is about 25 years old, and has seen better days.

    Prize-wise, I’d love the iPod pack for my husband. He commutes and, in the summer, CDs left in the car warp. This leaves him at the mercy of the radio stations. This iPod pack would be great for him!

  233. The iPod Pack
    00890090000 & 04233647000
    Picked one thing for my wife and one for me. Would be like a little dream come true, it’s said dreams come true but we’ll see and many thanks.

  234. I’d so love to win the Playstation pack for my son. He’s wanted a ps3 since before last Christmas and was so disappointed not to get it.

  235. With all the bad weather we have had lately, I think a generator… Sears item #07132806000 is what I want! (Along with that iPod pack…)

  236. I would really love to win the iPod Pack! I’d like to buy Sears item #00338457000 or Sears item #00623719000. Thank you.

  237. I would buy Wii Games for my kids, a coffee maker for my husband and the French Coach on DS game for myself – to brush up on my French.

    Sears item #05892940000: Nintendo Wii Fit Entertainment Pack $139.98, Sears item #05892384000: Wii,Guitar Hero Aerosmith Bundle $89.99, Sears item #05892537000: Wii,Lego Batman $49.99, Sears item #05892346000: Wii,Mario Kart & Wii Wheel $49.99, Sears item# 00818314000 : Cuisinart 10 cup Automatic Coffee Maker, Grind & Brew Thermalâ„¢, Stainless Steel & Black $144.99 & Sears item #05895763000: My French Coach $29.99

  238. I’d get the Apple 16GB iPod® Touch Digital Media Player – Black( Sears item #05791319000) and the Nikon Coolpix camera(Sears item# 00394934000 )

  239. Thanks for the contest;
    I would shop at Sears for these fine gifts :
    Sears item# 01493021000 Dockers 5 Piece Stone Harbor II Luggage Set – Khaki
    Sears item# 00915310000 Craftsman 3 gal. Air Compressor, 1 hp, Horizontal Tank

    and a Sears Gift Card for the remainer of the 500.00$.

  240. Singer Confidence Sewing Machine
    Sears item# 02094077000 Mfr. model# 7470.CL
    K’s Kids
    K’s Kids Musical Activity Ryan
    Sears item# 04990087000 Mfr. model# 91005

  241. The Playstation 3 pack would be wonderful for my disabled friend.
    If I had $500 to go to sears I would buy the following:
    Sears item #05797843000 – Samsung 19 in. (Diagonal) HDTV

  242. Thank you for this great giveaway! I would buy Sears item #05771033000 Samsung 32 in. (Diagonal) Class LCD Integrated HDTV (720p).

  243. I would get:
    Graco SnugRide® Infant Car Seat – High Street
    Sears item# 04988076000
    Shermag Glider Rocker/Ottoman Combo – Chestnut with Galaxy Camel Fabric Cushion
    Sears item# 04988164000
    Graco Baby Monitor, imonitorâ„¢ Digital With Dual Handsets
    Sears item# 04923789088
    Sealy Ultra Rest Crib Mattress
    Sears item# 04988522000

    (I’d choose the iPod pack from the ones listed, because baby needs an iPod!)

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