Moving on From Lijit

As the economy continues to spiral downward, and more companies are trying to extend their runways for as long as possible, we are hearing about an increasing number of layoffs. When you’re a contractor, you always sort of have it in the back of your mind that your number could be called at any time.

That time for me is now. Lijit has been my primary client since May and it has been a good run. I came into that role to learn the art of business development and I learned a lot. I can’t say it was my favorite role ever, but it added to my experience and gave me an opportunity to look at the web industry from a different side. No regrets.

Generally, my preference is to run a job or role until I get so good at it that I’m bored. Sometimes, things just don’t fall that way. My role will be changing in the next 45 days with Lijit. I am being offered a restructured contract that will be performance based and will allow me to expand myself back into tech. This is actually good for everyone as that will allow me to get into a role I excel in and can own in an economy where people are being laid off because they are expendable.

It also allows me to stay involved with the Boulder company and continue to extend the number of publishers who recognize the need for upgraded search capability and monetization of search content. At the same time, I can build my own pipeline and diversify enough to survive the next 18 months.

Of course, I am always open to discussions or job offers as well, so feel free to reach out as well at or 410-608-6620.

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  1. Aaron,

    Thanks for all the great work. You have always been a great advocate of Lijit and our services and I’m sure we will need your help with projects in the future as well. You have a in-depth knowledge of the publisher space that is second to none. Keep blazing trails !

  2. I am excited that you are going to continue to provide us your extensive knowledge and expertise as we grow Lijit. I am also glad that we are able to help expand your consulting practice, having benefited greatly from your knowledge, experience and friendship.

    If anyone ever want to know how awesome you are, have them drop me a line directly at 720-231-7120 (cell) or

  3. I think I have to go back to tech. Its where I’m most comfortable and secure. Its also where I provide the most value, I think. If the economy was strong, I’d continue trying stretch myself, but right now, I have to be where I can be the most valuable.

    I, of course, want a seat at the table wherever I go and I think I can get that so I reserve a small amount of right to be slightly picky. :)

    In an ideal world, I could fill a similar role as I did at b5 – growing a tech company with more experience than I had with you.

    Or I’d really like to simply write and grow but that’s simply not viable at this time.

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