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Google Blows Up, Suggests the Internet is Harmful

It appears some sort of bug has snuck into the Google secret sauce. A feature that was intended to warn users of potential phishing sites has jumped the shark declaring the internet harmful. That’s right, every single result is deemed by Google to be harmful.

This is surely a bug and will be fixed but these guys really should be running some QA testing before rolling new releases.


Modern browsers give the opportunity for you to select your default search provider for your in-browser search box. Traditionally, my search box has been set to Google. However, it’s set to right now, and so far I’m happy with the results.

Update: TechCrunch had it first.

Update 2: Google Mea Cupla – it was the fault of a slash (/).


  1. jmdeur jmdeur

    thanks for confirming that it’s google’s problem, not mine. fortunately, yahoo, etc. still work – maybe this is a wakeup call to stop automatically going to google for my search engine needs.

  2. This is really surprising. You’d think Google would have some contingencies for this.

    With Google down, you can pretty much say the entire WWW is down.


  3. David Weinstock David Weinstock

    Good catch. I think this has just happened in the last few minutes and it can’t last for long. But while it lasts, it is a total crash for Google’s search function, there’s no way to get through to a result without copying and pasting its URL into the address bar.

  4. I have that same problem too! I restarted Firefox, then typed “TV” in Google, and all sites have warnings – even reliable ones like the BBC’s!

  5. google for google, you get the same

  6. Madness, pense que yo era el que tenia un virus xDDDDD

  7. Mitch Mitch

    It was bound to happen. Lawyers.

  8. Me Me

    This appears to be global–at least I know that both US and Australia are currently affected

  9. Found your site googling to see if it was only me (google news sites are not blocked).

    I betcha it was a DB error, someone dropped a table of good/bad sites.

  10. Anony Anony

    Google is clearly going downhill

  11. I just noticed the same thing whilst I was working, but it has just been fixed.

  12. If I turn filtering off in google preferences it seems to fix it.

  13. Harry Rickards Harry Rickards

    It’s fixed now. Also the googlebadware.user.js greasemonkey script bypassess googles warnings.

  14. Kevin Kevin

    It’s not that I disagree that the interweb is dangerous…. but yeah, this is annoying. I’m actually using yahoo at the moment.

  15. mark mark



  16. dre dre

    Was quite aggravating this morning, I thought one of my FF plugins was freaking out!

  17. bt bt

    Here is a screenshot:

  18. What? GOOGLE makes a boo boo? Say it isn’t so. I’ve started using Ask and Yahoo with good results. I do use Google for image searches, though. I don’t know if anyone else has noticed, but just after the new year, Google started utilizing their search filtering more-mostly on image searches.

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