Twitter is Life

Everyone loves Twitter. Some research reports seem to indicate that it was the number one most often used word on Twitter last year. That would be 1 in every 3 words written on Twitter are about Twitter. A sampling of these tweets would be:

  • Listen to our podcast about Twitter
  • 10 Reasons I Love Twitter
  • Twitter is my girlfriend
  • The only thing better than Twittering from my iPhone is Twittering from my iPhone while taking a crap
  • Twitter helped me make money
  • Twitter helped me find God
  • Twitter helped me find a #blinddate
  • Did you know Shaq was on Twitter?
  • We don’t talk to each other, even though we are in the same room. We twitter back and forth
  • Twitter is down! FAIL
  • Barack Obama is on Twitter, did you know that? Huh?
  • Tweetup!
  • Let’s talk about Twitter
  • Twitter me this, Twitter me that
  • Business are on Twitter too
  • How is Twitter making money anyway?
  • Twitter is bigger than FriendFeed

Friendfeed? Huh?

Anyways, my point is this. The most important thing on earth, if you want to tap into the collective conscience of the webgeeks is Twitter. It’s clear why. With so many mainstream people like Rick Sanchez of CNN, Shaq, Ashton Kutcher and of course, ROBERT SCOBLE (pant, pant, pant), it is clearly The Important Thing™ to be talking about.

Are you talking about Twitter? If not, you should be. It’s rewarding.

3 Replies to “Twitter is Life”

  1. I write about the service on the blog (it’s a marketing blog, how can I not) but I try and avoid talking about it on the service itself, seems a little pointless!

    Loved your rant..and the series of tweets. You’re right, but we’re at that stage – huge growth, everyone jumping on it, massive in mainstream media. It’s being seen as the marketing tool of choice for many who just jump in, so the ‘experts’ follow in droves. It took 2.5 years to get to this point, I reckon we’re here for about a year.

  2. Twitter isn’t in my life and prefer to keep it that way. I don’t need more distractions in my life than I am all ready burdened with. Thanks but no thanks.
    Reese Payton

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