WordCamp Mid-Atlantic Approaches

WordCamp Mid-Atlantic is five days away (May 16) and things are beginning to fall into place. This is my first attempt at event organizing and I definitely have learned some tough lessons along the way. It’s also been tremendously helpful and rewarding for me. I’m looking forward to this thing coming in to land though.

Along the way, people have been asking me, “What the heck is WordCamp?” If you’ve never experienced an unconference, it might be hard to explain. In essence, it’s a loosely organized event put together to draw the WordPress community out, share experiences, instruct, learn, network and connect. WordCamp is a one day event that will have a variety of speakers, a technical and basic track, plenty of open space to launch into small groups if people felt inclined and basically learn from each other.

WordCamps are typically geared toward a particular city. I chose to lead a new regional-based event that is focused on Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, D.C. The event is held in Baltimore because it’s centrally located, and the blogging/social media/technical scene is least developed there out of the three cities. Baltimore has significant potential and has some great leaders in the community. I hope our event will spur that forward.

I’m excited about this opportunity and grateful to my co-organizer, Jimmy Gardner, all the sponsors and speakers and the attendees who, with very little marketing, sold this thing out. It’s awesome to see such a great engagement.

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  1. Aaron, I’m very excited for WordCamp this weekend, I’ve been looking forward to it for sometime. I currently manage the ISTEConnects blog which caters to educational technology buffs, most of which are k-12 teachers. I’m planning to bring an HD camera to capture some content based off the questions submitted by the ISTEConnects readers. To give us some direction it would great if you could leave a comment on my post with a question you think I should ask those attending WordCamp. See you Saturday!

  2. Aaron, Congrats on selling out WordCamp Mid-Atlantic and on the great article in the Baltimore Sun. By conceiving and developing this conference, you are a leader who is helping many bloggers. Bets wishes for an awesome event!

  3. Aaron, congratulations on this idea of bringing Word Camp to our area. Although I hate the fact that I couldn’t register on time and of course the event is sold out, but I keep hoping if there is any chance that I can get in, I really hate to miss it. It happens that sometimes people even that they did register they are not able to attend so I wonder if that happens I can fill in a spot. If that is the case tomorrow will it be possible for me to get in???. Of course I’ll pay my fees.
    I know sounds a little desperate but hey I think is worth trying.

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