WordPress and WordPress MU to Merge

This is the first year I did not attend WordCamp San Francisco, the annual event that is the largest of the WordCamp gathering. It seems like I’m missing the announcement of some big news.

Matt Mullenweg announced during his State of the Word speech, thaa going forward, WordPress and WordPress MU (Multi-user) would be merged. In principle, this is not all that surprising, as WPMU offers a single major feature that WordPRess single user does not – the ability to have multiple blogs with a single install.

In talking to attendees of the event, there were few details given in this announcement but conventional wisdom suggests that, either during the installation process or later down the road, a blog administrator would have the ability to “flip a switch” and turn on the capabilities of the WordPress MU system.

This seems to segue with an earlier announcement from the event that the BuddyPress plugins that turn a WPMU installation into a social network, would be made available as compatible with WordPress blogs.

It’s also unclear when this merging of streams will actually occur, but my best guess is WordPress 2.9.

More details as we get them.

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  1. Based on what I’ve been hearing, it could be 3.0. But if you take a look at the codebase for WordPress MU and how it was aligning itself with WordPress and then BuddyPress was aligning itself with WPMU, in order to make integration among all three as easy as possible, I think the writing was on the wall to just combine WPMU and WordPress.

    I hope BuddyPress continues to remain a separate project which it looks like it will.

    1. I agree that it will most likely be WordPress 3.0. I don’t use MU but I’ve been wanting to check it out. I just hope that I won’t have to adjust my themes too much when the change does come, as I’d like to convert one of my sites to MU — and I’d especially like to add BuddyPress.

  2. It makes sense from the enduser standpoint and, one would think, from a developer standpoint as well. It’s rather odd to have two essentially identical products being developed separately.

  3. I have my questions. The first is that the code base for MU either has poor inline documentation or non-existence inline documentation. I’m guessing that inline documentation is not going to be a priority when combining the code base, nor will writing test cases. I could be wrong, but given the involvement of test case writing, it usually takes a back seat.

    It is going to really suck, because the code base for Mu is quite large, not as big as WordPress, but still take about 8 to 16 hours to write the inline documentation. More of the rest is contained in separate files.

    Well, it will allow the community to easily add features and fixes for Mu as well as save time for Donnca to write new features and fixes for Mu.

  4. How do you all think really real time collaboration products like Etherpad (www.etherpad.com) could best be leveraged within WordPress and the blogosphere more generally? I’m a big fan of WordPress and the communication and collaboration ecosystem it provides and I thought you all might have keen insights on how to make it even more dynamic using really real time collaboration tools.

  5. Oh yes! I so much would love it if this would happen! It is such a pain to maintain all my WordPress based sites up to date (both plugins and the main WP install), while it is currently just difficult for me to set up WordPress MU. I really hope this will be on the top of the development priority list!

  6. I love WP and WPMU, I use both on several sites
    I would just be happy if WPMU updated their script or had some forum (vBulletin) integration built in or via plugin

  7. Its funny cause last week, I was just thinking how I would love to have multiple blogs under one blog. This could be excellent to help me have one tree under all the branches that complete me on the INternet. I look forward to updates! thank you.

  8. As a WordPress user for all my sites, I’m happy to hear this news. I switched to WordPress because I was tired of doing html sales pages, and WordPress installed quickly w/Fantastico. I am absolutely not a code junky/techno-genius.

    So when I wanted to use WPMU for a grad school project, I hit a huge brick wall w/Fantastico not installing it for me. If WP and WPMU can merge and make my life easier, I say “Thank god!”

    Rock n Roll.

  9. This is great news!

    I’ve spent a bit of time thinking about BuddyPress Plugins that “should” be normal WordPress Plugins. Normally I come to the same conclusion “it sucks that I can’t use them”. Followed by “its a damn shame I don’t have the time or resources to do it myself at the moment”. I cant wait for this to happen.

    Oh and err speaking of WordCamps… we are gearing up for the first WordCamp in New Zealand. Any help promoting the event would be greatly appreciated. And of course we hope to see you there :)

  10. I use both WP and WPMU for different projects. Upgrading WP and WPMU installs, plugins and themes to WP+WPMU 3.0 version would either be blessings or curses :-)

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