Can we Identify the United States as a Bad AT&T Service Area?

AT&T has upped the ante on their service level. Seems they realize they have a really bad reputation of “Fewer bars in more places” and Verizon Wireless is taking it to them with their “There’s a map for that” ads. These ads caused AT&T to sue Verizon Wireless because the ads apparently misrepresented the truth (though AT&T never denied the ads validity – the maps are comparisons between Verizon Wireless’ all-3G network and AT&T’s much more limited 3G network that complements a larger non-3G calling network). Subsequently, AT&T dropped their suit after it became clear they would not win.

So AT&T admits they have bad service back in September (video below) with “Seth the Blogger Guy” (LOLWUT?) and then sues Verizon Wireless for not being wrong (LOLHUHWUT?)

Now AT&T, according to Download Squad has released a new iPhone app to let users submit reports of bad service. Presumably this QA process will help AT&T beef up their network coverage in the areas that are lacking…. like the United States (LOLWTFWUT?).

Because really, if you can’t get reliable service at AT&T Park in San Francisco, the heart of iPhone zealotry, why not just mark the whole network as unreliable?

This jockeying comes at a critical time when Apple is deciding whether to renew their exclusive relationship with AT&T or to expand to other networks like Verizon Wireless who are preparing to launch their 4G LTE network nationwide. Meanwhile, Verizon is planning at least three new Android phones in 2010 raising the spectre of a holy war among iPhone loyalists and Android fans.

As my friend Jimmy Gardner says on Twitter regarding the multi-tasking ability that is making current Android phones so much more desirable than the iPhone:

From a former iphone snob … had u a droid you could check the traffic while listening to pandora At the Same Time

I’m just saying.

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  1. I just bought a Droid Eris and it rocks my world. And I just left Sprint. I never once considered AT&T. If Apple was smart they would not renew any contracts with them…though I would’ve still bought my Droid Eris over an iPhone if the option was there. Got more for my money in the HTC Droid Eris

    To stay on point (I think) I live in baron western NY. Doesn’t matter if I’m in Rochester (City) or Livingston County(Middle of no where)I have strong 3G connection. Awesome!

    1. I’m fairly sure, now that Android is taking it to the iPhone, that iPhone OS 4.0 will support multi-tasking of apps. That said, they have other problems like app store approval processes that are obscure and frustrating for developers that, it would seem, Android/Google doesn’t have so the Droid, Droid Eris, and future Android phones seem like they will continue to be much sexier to users and developers alike than the iPhone.

      I’m gonna wait on picking up an Android phone until 2010. I’ll have to pay cash in hand for it because I’m already in a 2 year contract that won’t end until July 2011. But I’m tired of BlackBerry. I won’t get a crippled iPhone. I’ll pay the $550 to get an Android phone on VZW.

  2. WOW, I always thought those Verizon commercials were pretty convincing in terms of advertising, and I wondered if they were legally allowed to do it, which it sounds like they were. It’s interesting to watch AT&T’s marketing rebound methodology through these competitive times.

    1. Verizon did make a concession on their own volition and put fine print in the ads to clarify that the comparison is between Verizon Wireless 3G coverage and AT&T’s 3G coverage. AT&Ts lawsuit was regarding confusion among customers in non-3G areas who thought they couldn’t get service of any kind. VZW was not legally required to make this concession, but they did anyway.

  3. I use Verizon and have the Blackberry Curve. We have been with Verizon for about 6 years and before that my wife had AT&T and they sucked then so it is crazy in 6 yrs the service still has not gotten any better. When I got the BB Curve it was the only decent smart phone but will get the Droid in 2010 when I come up for renewal. I like the iPhone but would NEVER leave Verizon for AT&T. Verizon has great coverage in my opinion. Verizon’s customer service on the other hand in my opinion is crappy but that is probably because they know they have the best cell network and no one is going to leave.

  4. I must be the luckiest damn AT&T customer in the country because my coverage in multiple cities like Miami, Charlotte, and Philadelphia has always been good to great. The only spot I don’t get good service in near me right now is a hilly neighborhood a few miles away full of NIMBY types that don’t want cell towers near them, which means pretty much no carrier has good service there. To be fair, I had Sprint for a couple of years too and didn’t have many network issues (customer service on the other hand…). I consider the major cell networks an easily swappable commodity for the most part.

    As for multitasking, try being on Verizon’s 3G network and looking up an email or website while on a call. Oh wait you can’t because their EVDO network can’t do that. To me at least, that’s more useful than having Maps and Pandora going simultaneously. Tradeoffs.

    I’m not trying to play up ATT or diss Verizon. Other than being a pretty satisfied ATT customer I don’t care either way and think there’s room for both companies. All the carriers are full of crap in some way and try to downplay their weaknesses while playing up their strengths. Being a fanboy for one particular network won’t help improve things.

    1. Yup, I know exactly what you’re talking about. I have Verizon and not a day goes by when I have to suffer the indignity of not being able to make a phone call, check email, cook spaghetti, and finish my graphic novel on killer mutant gerbils all at the same time. Kill me now cause it sucks to be me. Verizon is sooo 2009!

  5. We had watched the ads on TV and my mom asked me how they (VZW) could do that without getting sued. I told her I did not know, but now I do! Thanks. Anyway, my family members are all Verizon fans so I guess it doesn’t really matter.

  6. It’s always funny when a large company tries to sue and then backs out at the last second. Of course, that’s what you get for trying to run your company through the legal department rather then providing the quality service the people are looking for.

  7. Strangely enough, at my house AT&T gets really good service, whereas every other service provider seems to be a total dead zone! I had a Verizon 2 year contract and dropped it for AT&T when the contract expired!

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