WordPress Bible Release

Last night, I got home to find my copies of the WordPress Bible at my door. This was tremendously exciting as I have been waiting for 8 months for this day. It was exciting and the buzz on Twitter has been tremendous. Pre-sale numbers were huge. The sharing and re-sharing of information about this book has been deafening.

Below is a video of the unboxing. And of course, you can order the book today from Amazon and I hope you do. If not for the book, to support my efforts. Thanks to everyone who has stood by me during this process!

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  1. Hey, this is great. When I build a site for a client via WordPress, I’m going to bill them and supply them with a copy of your book for their people to read.

    Congrats on the finished work. Looks stellar.

  2. Hey Aaron – big time congrats! The WP Bible is quite an achievement and you’ve every reason to be proud! My copy should be arriving tomorrow — looking forward to it :)

      1. Kindle is not available outside the US afaik or at least not in my part of the world. But good news. Amazon has changed its shipping policy and my copy of the WordPress Bible will be arriving on March 6 (or so Amazon tells me)!

        Just in time for an early birthday gift :)

  3. Hi Aaron,

    Got a notification from Amazon UK this morning about the WordPress Bible and have just ordered it. I have used a WordPress Blog on our main website for over three years and I’m certain that it has helped us reach page one in Google.co.uk for our main search terms. I know “the basics” but cant’ wait to get hold of the WordPress Bible to see what I’m missing out on as I’m sure we’ve only scratched the scratch.

  4. Just started working with WordPress. It is fantastic. I just checked Amazon.de and the price is 41.99 EUR. Amazon.com offer $31.49. It seems it’s time to test amazon.com.

  5. Hey Aaron,

    Congrats on the book!

    Glad you shared that vid of your experience opening the box of the finished books.
    I’m inspired to see someone acheiving positive things for themselves and others.

    Right on.

    This is my first time here…I found your book on Amazon..and searched to see if the author (you) had a blog so I could do a click through before purchasing…and give credit where its due.

    Guess, I’m officially down with the blogging geekdom after all… Oh well. It’s a lot fun!



    (off to buy the book)

    Oh…and it better be good or I’ll be back to troll your site with nasty comments…


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