Facebook's HipHop and What it Means to WordPress

This was originally posted on my company blog and reposted here for posterity.

By now, the news has hit the street about Facebook’s new PHP pseudo-compiler technology that is looking set to change the PHP world once again. It is called HipHop for PHP.

Here at Emmense, we build on PHP and more specifically, we build on WordPress. The PHP community as a whole continues to innovate the language and Facebook has been a longstanding member of that community. WordPress stands on the shoulders who have gone before, and there are certainly instances of large-scale installs of WordPress that could stand to use some acceration.

It is our intention, here at Emmense, to support the Facebook HipHop methodology where appropriate. We will be exploring the use and implementation of this technology in the days and weeks to come and will be working to build solutions that leverage it in the WordPress world for our clients. Where possible, our work will be conributed back to the WordPress core where appropriate.

While we expect that many more service providers will likely leverage this technology, we want to continue to lead in the WordPress community in an ever-open exchange of ideas between the PHP and WordPress communities.

6 Replies to “Facebook's HipHop and What it Means to WordPress”

  1. HipHop seems really interesting, we have had to switch to lighttpd and xcache to achieve huge performance benefits for our objectCMS framework which is now faster that wordpress, joomla and drupal. I am wondering how hiphop compares to lighttpd and xCache, does anyone know when hiphop is going to be released to the public.

  2. Facebook is now MESSED up… that is all my friends and I discuss on there now… what up?

    Someone PLEASE tell them to change things back and do a BETA in-house?!

    Sheesh. Thanks for listening.

    Bloomington, IN

    1. Well, Eric from Bloomington, IN… front end Facebook changes have nothing to do with HipHop which is what we are discussing here. You might want to join the “Give me the Old Facebook Design Back” Facebook group instead of complaining here.

  3. Facebook has posted an example of how to compile WordPress (just go to the bottom of this wiki page) http://wiki.github.com/facebook/hiphop-php/running-hiphop

    You would probably have to compile the entire wordpress+plugin+theme system and not allow users to add their own plugins or themes.
    However, for a massive wordpress site with millions of visitors, a compile here and there is probably not a big deal.

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