Threadsy Aggregates Email, Facebook and Twitter (plus invites!)

TechCrunch 50 startup and runner-up Threadsy reached out to me earlier to look at their service. I’m not usually one to do that but I had some time and their street cred seemed legitimate (TC50, etc).

The service is an aggregation tool that pulls email accounts (Gmail, Yahoo, even IMAP to name a few) together. I couldn’t get my IMAP email account functional but that could just be me. It’s been awhile since I had to configure email addresses manually. My Gmail account imported successfully without any special configuration.

In addition to email accounts, Threadsy also aggregates your Facebook Inbox as well as Twitter. Though no differentiation (visually) seems to exist for DMs and public messages in Twitter, it did manage to aggregate everything nicely and order them in the proper order. I’ve noticed that other products that trie to do this always seem to be a little glitchy on timestamps and sorting, so I appreciated this.

What you get is a consolidated inbox, as seen below. It’s very interactive and clicking on messages brings up helpful information about the sender.

The experience is also very smooth with interactive visual elements (swooshes and what not… to be technical).

My big question surrounding this service is why? There already seem to be a lot of social inbox tools. Gmail is increasingly becoming one everyday with the addition of Buzz, though it does not yet support aggregation of Twitter and Facebook content. I can see the benefits, but I wonder how many users will be sold on it.

Try it for yourself though. The first thousand people to click on this link get into the private beta program. Let me know how you feel about it.

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  1. Hey Aaron,

    Thanks for posting. Just want to clarify a bit on why there’s a need for threadsy vs. other solutions out there.

    threadsy pulls together your EXISTING accounts that you care about. Your email, Facebook, and Twitter. It doesn’t add yet another new info stream to check (like Buzz) but instead integrates all of your existing streams into a cohesive, integrated experience. It’s free to use and works right in your web browser, no download required.

    threadsy allows deep interaction with your messages. It’s a full email client. You can compose, reply, star, delete, etc. all from threadsy and it will synch with your existing email service (when possible). You can add comments to Facebook messages and add likes, loves, and even dislikes (some of these features you have to unlock first!)

    threadsy also helps you manage your messages by separating direct and indirect messages. It sorts your communications into 2 columns: Inbound, which is all messages directed to you including your email, Facebook messages & wallposts, and Twitter @mentions & direct messages, and Unbound, which is your Twitter stream and Facebook feed. This organization lets you easily shift modes from required reading to optional reading as you desire.

    Another exciting integration feature that you mentioned is the auto-creation of Person Profiles. When someone emails you, threadsy will auto-lookup that person’s email address and construct a detailed profile of that person’s social web presence: bio info, website memberships, latest photos, latest Facebook updates, and latest tweets. This has been an amazing feature to learn about people that I don’t know that send me an email and also a lazy way to keep tabs on the latest with my friends.

    We have a lot of exciting changes in the pipe that we’re releasing soon and much more in the works.

    Would love to have people check out our private beta, we’re working hard to get it to a public beta and your feedback would be a big help!


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