Verizon iPhone Raises New Predicaments

For as long as the iPhone has been out, I have been opposed to it. Not because of the iPhone per se. In fact, it’s a great looking device with intuitive design. But over the years there have been fundamental flaws that have prevented me from buying it. These flaws, in my mind, have been:

  • Doesn’t allow native apps
  • Apple tries to control too much
  • Not open source
  • AT&T-only
  • Lack of like-kind competition
  • Antenna/reception issues
  • Crappy mic
  • Crappy camera

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There are other concerns I’ve raised but the reality is, most of this has been resolved now.

For instance, the iPhone 3G introduced the App concept. They’ve put a better mic and camera in. The antenna situation for the iPhone 4, well… that still exists but at least there’s a lifehack to prevent it.

Some things won’t change. The OS will never be open source like Android. That’s probably not a deal-breaker for me. Apple will still try to control how app developers and users use their device, but whatever.

Here’s the thing that changes the paradigm and makes me re-examine my suppositions… Verizon now has the iPhone 4 as of this morning. Presumably, this means no more silly lack of coverage in major metropolitan areas like NYC and San Francisco. Supposedly, that means that events like Inauguration, ACL Fest and SXSW won’t be dark as a result of weak coverage.

And of course, that bodes well for AT&T and their network load as well because, perhaps up to half of their iPhone customer base will migrate to Verizon. Their customers have been clamoring for this day.

But now what do I do? With all of the paradigm shifting, I’m now placed in an awkward position. Should I buy the Verizon iPhone or not?

Updated: I should add… no one knows yet how the iPhone will behave on Verizon’s network. My recommendation is to treat it like all Rev A Apple Hardware… don’t buy it on Day 1 and don’t wait in line. Let the idiot early adopters work out the kinks before jumping in. You’re already probably in a contract so just wait a few minutes.

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  1. Hey bud…

    Ummm, I’m an early adopter, and hardly an idiot. That’s a pretty wide brush you’ve foraged in the shed for and are now painting the room like some sort of 60’s Fab-fest decorating party.

    There are those of us who adopt early for really good reasons. Don’t lump us in with the “unwashed masses” I’m sure you were trying to refer to.

  2. Do you have a list of Android’s flaws as well, so that you can compare and contrast the two lists? I image that, plus the addition of your personal stake in each option (your contract situation, new accessories you might need to buy, which apps are available on each platform, etc.) would help your decision quite a bit.

  3. Verizon having the iPhone does certainly raise so interesting issues. I’m sure it will sell like hotcakes as it has been under AT&T. However, with the old CDMA network still governing the functionality of the iPhone, what will those users say when they find out they can’t access the Internet while on the phone. While this seems like an silly thing, I’m amazed to see how my iPhone users I know constantly do this without realizing the significance of it. Millions of iPhone users are likely just as unaware of how the network is responsible for being able to do this. It could be quite the customer service nightmare for Verizon support agents. We’ll see, eh?

    1. What do u mean by cdma?
      could u explain that for me plz?
      and do u mean that when ur using the internet on iphones u cant use the telephone?
      its a one work phone?
      and are systems of at&t and verizon different in that case?
      im a verizon user and im eagerly waiting for the iphone, so plz help me out.tnx.

      1. CDMA and GSM are the cell network technologies used by Verizon and AT&T respectively. On AT&T, you can use the 3G data network while talking; with Verizon, it’s one or the other. There are several websites discussing this limitation. Try looking at Consumer Reports first, then going from there.

  4. If you’re smart (you’re smart, right?), you’ll wait until the summer. Apple currently refreshes the iPhone hardware each June — better to see if a newer phone comes out than be saddled with year-old technology for *two* more years.

    The biggest negative with Verizon is CDMA technology, which means you cannot use voice and data at the same time. I use both on a regular basis, and losing that ability to multi-task would kill my productivity.

  5. As an iPhone owner, I can agree with most of your bullets. But not all. The iPhone 3GS and 4 both have fine cameras, amongst the very best in the smallest package.

    What up with WPEngine – You prepared to rescue me from obscene overages and speed me up with caching and cdn? :)

  6. If money is not a problem, then the iphone is still the best smartphone out there. Android still has a lot of rough spot that need to be ironed out. Windows Phone needs some more time to mature …

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