Open Letter to Congressman Lamar Smith Regarding SOPA Championing

An email sent to the House Judiciary Committee Chairman, Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX), who insists on pushing the SOPA bill through committee.

Dear Mr. Smith-

This is an open letter which will be published online, and promoted on Facebook, Twitter and other networks.

As a Texas resident, I find it egregious that you have decided to sell out so uniformly to the entertainment industry. It is so transparent, in fact, that federal records show that your biggest donor are from the holding company for Clear Channel and your biggest campaign contributions come from the entertainment industry itself. Shockingly, the records also show that a Texas elected representative has taken less money from the powerful energy industry that directly effects his constituents, than from an industry who has tried for over a decade to protect their own interests at the expense of your constituents.

This same industry has consistently bullied law-abiding citizens across this country with exorbitant lawsuits and heavy-handed scare tactics.

Your colleagues, in both the House and the Senate, have realized that the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Protect IP Act (PIPA), while idealistic in nature, are destructive to the innovative and stable nature of the Internet – the same nature that has created great economic vitality and growth over the past 20 years.

Your own majority leader, Mr. Eric Cantor, has expressed that SOPA will not come to a vote on the House floor without significant thought, intention, and consensus. This is clearly not happening as your colleagues have backed away from support, going the exact opposite direction from consensus – some even removing their names as co-sponsors.

Sir, you must listen to me and the American public. We see your transparent appeasement to your most significant donors. We understand campaign contributions are important for you and your efforts on behalf of the great State of Texas. However, attempting to ramrod this legislation through will be harmful to Texas, Texas innovation, Texas business as well as collaboration, security and health of the Internet, and business across the nation and globe.

You must abandon your single-sighted focus on ramming this legislation through the House of Representatives with the transparent motive of appeasing your donors. This is a democracy, not a business. You represent us.

Very respectfully,

Aaron Brazell

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  1. Very well written I could not have said it any better my self. True It’s not a business sadly thats what this country has come to.

    1. An Open Letter to Congressman Lemar Smith, Architect of SOPA

      I am a lifelong registered Republican. I am conservative, retired and hold a Ph.D. in Philosophy. Please understand that my sentiments below on your authorship of the SOPA legislation is meant to show no disrespect for the Office you hold. I do not question your intentions or goal; what I do question is the shallow and obvious non-existent thought that went into the crafting of this legislation. If our Founding Fathers had put as little thought into drafting our Constitution, I doubt the Republic would have survived 50 years.

      Because the Law, including the U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence have their roots in Western philosophy, I have long had as much passion for the law as I do for philosophy. I have spent many decades embedded in the U.S. Constitution. I would suggest that you at least read or re-read the Constitution and The Federalist Papers before again embarking on such an ill-conceived piece of legislation without considering its Constitutional and global ramifications. The 13 Original Sovereign States, in their wisdom, granted only 17 enumerated powers to what was supposed to be a small, general or federal government. Yet, over the decades, a power-hungry Federal Government, with the grasping collusion of SCOTUS and its linguistically and historically unsupportable interpretations of many of the intentions of our Framers, has become “the tail wagging the dog.” Without diminishing the importance of intellectual property rights, our Republic right now is on life support and fighting for its very existence. Unfortunately, never in our history, has there been a more pressing time for Americans to retake many of the pilfered gifts our Founders gave us in the Constitution. If necessary, the States might need to reassert the concept of “Jeffersonian Nullification” when dealing with overreaching Federal legislation. Yet you spend your time crafting Constitutionally questionable confections for your political contributors.

      I would suggest that you consider rewriting your own words on the public’s reaction to the provisions of SOPA, i.e., that you plan to “revisit the approach on how best to address the problem of foreign thieves that steal and sell American inventions and products.”

      A more critically pressing and timely alternative to your words might be that you plan to “revisit how best to address the problem of domestic thieves, i.e., members of the U.S. Congress and of SCOTUS, who steal and sell the People’s rights, stealing from them the liberties guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution and indeed, stealing from the People for whom you all work, the very Republic Itself.” Add to the above concerns, the dictatorial provisions for suspending habeas corpus in the recently passed National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), the power to strip citizenship contained in the upcoming Enemy Expatriation Act (HR 3166), the economy-killing provisions of ObamaCare (that no one bothered to read), and maybe that would help you to prioritize your efforts, and to understand the great angst that has paralyzed the Country. Barak Obama once said, “elections have consequences.” I would submit that sponsoring unconstitutional, un-vetted legislation also has consequences.


      Alan J. Pratt, Ph.D.

  2. Really you think you got this one right with the legislation …… did you actually read the bill or did the Hollywood lobbyists dictate what it should say….. what a dilemma two corporate giant that give campaign money to you at odds…….Just another bill that chips away at the bill of rights by a pathetic ……..oh let me guess its for our best interest…..bullshit!!!!!!!!!!! and don’t forget to say that your saving american jobs if the little people get upset A.K.A. “THE AMERICAN PEOPLE”

  3. Dear Congressman, you will never be elected again. No body will ever vote for the man who killed the internet

  4. Dear Lamar Smith:

    As a fellow Texan, you are a disgrace. As an American, you are a traitor.

    Kissing the foot of the entertainment industry by taking the kickbacks their
    lobbyists are giving you shows your true colors. You, Lamar Smith, are a
    a textbook example of a sellout.

    You would make people of all ages feel just like Jammie Thomas-Rasset,
    the single mother who was sued by RIAA. By pushing a law that violates their
    rights for not even HAVING any pirated material, and is as blatantly wrong
    as the RIAA lawsuits themselves, you have made yourself look like a greedy
    and inept fool. If we, the people, have the right to vote for you, we, the people,
    have the right to oust you.

    You hoped to stir up people to impeach Obama, but now YOU are the one
    to FACE IMPEACHMENT. And the people will do so.

  5. Like many Texans, I am strongly opposed to the proposed legislation included in SOPA & PIPA. These acts are a detestable and transparent grab for power by copyright holders that will do little to curb piracy, and will harm the American people. Numerous leading experts have come forward to express concerns that SOPA & PIPA could in fact damage the very fabric of the internet. The internet is a driving force for innovation and growth that should be the source of a continuing revolution in business and social interaction. SOPA & PIPA would compromise the internet, and would compromise our future. I hope you will consider changing your stance on SOPA & put this bill where it belongs – in the trash.

  6. If you get this billed passed into law, you will be the one responsible for the aftermath.
    Your corruption… Your audacity to even write a bill like this is astounding.
    This bill WILL take away our first amendment rights. Our founding fathers set those in place to protect American freedoms.
    It’s our freedom to do what we please on the internet. The internet is a FREE place. What you propose is a restricted internet. Much like North Korea. Do you really want to be known as the man that turned a functioning democracy into a fascist empire? That sure does seem like a terrible thing to have on your shoulders, doesn’t it? Your bill is unconstitutional. People like you should not be in power.
    If it passes, I wish you good luck. You will need it.
    If what you think you’re doing is a good thing, stop for just a second and end the bill while you still have a shred of dignity left.
    I hate to say it, but all the riots and whatnot that this bill will cause won’t be out a forgiving group.
    Again, good luck you corrupt bastard.

    1. It’s unconstitutional because of the 4th Amendment “Due Process” clause not because we have some right to the Internet. I love your passion but please don’t be an idiot.

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