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Podcasting Essentials: Part I

I’m starting a new series around podcasting based on my experiences at Suicide Fan. It may be added to on an ongoing basis as I learn more and have more to share (rumor has it I’m going to get to talk to some folks at a prominent Silicon Valley podcasting company soon).

This entry will be mostly an overview and theory piece.

What is a Podcast?

Podcasting is a name that has been given to, what is best described as, audio blogging. Of course, a good podcast is complemented by a good blog for reasons that will become clear as this series continues. It is not a good idea to simply replace blogging with podcasting.

Podcasts in their simplest form are audio files. Usually they are MP3s, though they can be OGG, AAC or even WAVs. MP3 tends to be the preferred format due to their smaller filesize, portability and cross-platform nature. Podcasters who want to use advanced features and cater specifically to the iPod crowd, can create Extended Podcasts, which adds interactivity to the format, but doing so restricts the format to Apple’s protected AAC files (.m4a) and are only compatible with iPods themselves. If you’re just beginning with podcasting or are thinking of it, I recommend sticking with MP3.

Why Podcast?

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