Screenshots from WordPress 2.7

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The upcoming release of WordPress is around the corner, and we’ll be covering the things you will need to know about it, as we always do.

However, this is such a big release (game changer, at that!) that I wanted to tease you with some screenshots. I’ll let your imagination run wild (and you can go Google around for what others are saying). Make sure you are subscribed to this blog so you get the big release cheat sheet as soon as it comes out.




Update: I have released the big writeup on WordPress 2.7 now, so go check it out.

  • Robert

    Just installed a copy myself on no longer than 5 minutes ago. It really has a nice UI.

  • Fitzillo Cartoon Clipart

    2.7 looks so awesome I can’t even stand it. I’m installing it now… thanks for the screenshots!

  • Jimmy @ Wealth Is Boring

    I’ve been running 2.7 beta 2 on my blog for a few days now and I could not be happier with the UI and functionality improvements – especially the new admin nav menu. Very well done.

  • Satish Suggala

    That’s pretty refreshing.

  • Jack Kennard

    Great job on getting this screen shot up so soon. look forward to loading. My favorite theme is already 2.7 ready. Just waiting for some of the plugins to update.

  • Jim Turner

    Game changer has such big expectations that go with that statement! I’m going to hold you to that one!

  • Ernesto

    Game changer? I await with bated breath.

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