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My name is Aaron Brazell and this is my professional blog. Since May of 2004, I have carried on a wide variety of conversations and discussions on this blog. From politics to policy; communications and marketing; technical to business; This blog has come to be recognized as an honest voice among the noise that is the blogosphere.

This blog is not about news or products. Though I will occasionally cover such topics, I am at my best when providing a filter for my readers. Much of my audience is a traditional audience. Whether traditional marketing and PR, traditional journalism, traditional business (including brick and mortar) or traditional technology, I have come to respect and honor those who have laid the foundation for much of what is on the web today.

As a result, the tone that is most often taken on this blog is one that brings an honest and sober look at the web today and analyzes the worth and benefit to those traditional communities. See, as web people, we tend to think that we have the answers to the worlds problems. We often are heard saying such cliché things like “Journalism is dead” or “Twitter engagement is the answer to business” or “It’s all in the conversation”. Realistically, some of this is true, yet so often we forget what our predecessors brought us.

Of course, this blog has been written by more than just me. Even though I am responsible for the bulk of the content here, there have been well over 20 others contributors – some major contributors with hundreds of posts – who have also brought their expertise and unique perspective to this audience.

Personally, I come from a traditional enterprise I.T. background having worked for a number of major Fortune 50 government I.T. contractors supporting the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, the U.S. Navy and the Intelligence Community. More recently, I was the Director of Technology for b5media for two years, have consulted with the U.S. Air Force on internal public affairs, worked with non-profits in Washington, D.C., startups in a variety of cities and have most recently completed the writing of The WordPress Bible from Wiley Publishing. Currently, I am working on WordPress-based initiatives and professional services for WP Engine based in Austin, TX.

So sit back, enjoy the ride, leave your political correctness and expectations at the door. This is a respectful community and disrespect will never be tolerated. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to email me at aaron@technosailor.com.

- Aaron Brazell